Focal Stellia | Replacement Pads-Bloom Audio

Focal Stellia | Pair of Replacement Pads for Focal Headphones

Regular price$249.00

Genuine, Premium Perforated Leather Ear Pads for the Focal Stellia

These ear pads can be used with any of Focal's high-end headphone line-up (Clear, Elear, Elex, Elegia, Utopia.)

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Customer Reviews

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Seungmin Yoo
This is fantastic

I changed my elegia earpad with this pad(stellia)
though it is not a bellilum plate, elegia plate is also very suitable with this stellia pad (sounds like stellia)

this is much much much muuuuuch better than dekoni custom pads.

if you have money, but don’t want spend many money for stellia.

this pad + elegia will be good choice.

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