FiR Audio Electron 12 front over white background
FiR Audio Electron 12 front closeup over iBasso DAP
FiR Audio Electron 12 highlighting removable faceplate
FiR Audio Electron 12 highlighting removable 2-pin socket
FiR Audio Electron 12 highlighting ATOM venting and 2-pin socket
FiR Audio Electron 12 with attached coiled copper cable over vinyl sleeve
FiR Audio Electron 12 with faceplate screw partially removed
FiR Audio Electron 12 top without faceplate revealing 2 set screws

FiR Audio Electron 12 | Electro-Dynamic Universal IEM

Sale price$1,799.00


FiR Audio Electron 12 logo

FiR Audio's Electron 12, a Revolutionary Electro-Dynamic Driver IEM Boasting Tactile Bass and Swap X Technology

  • Single 12mm Electro-Dynamic Driver with reverberating Tactile Bass
  • Machined Aluminum shells, pure silver, Oxygen-free cable, and Gold-plated 4.4mm termination
  • Swap X modular technology allows user-replaceable faceplates, choose from dozens of styles
  • 2-pin connector rated for 1,000 connections and is replaceable with set screw

FiR Audio Electron 12 with attached stock cable over vinyl sleeve

Bloom's Take

FiR Audio is known for their IEMs with natural but impactful delivery and extra punch in the lows. Single dynamic driver IEMs have a similar reputation in general, often with bloated tunings. “These are gonna be bass monsters,” we thought when we first put the e12s in our ears and cranked up the music.

But surprisingly, they were stunningly balanced, with well-extended highs, deep bass, full mids, and a sense of speed you’d never believe for a 12mm single DD. In fact, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of a proper fit and ear tip to get the FiR Tactile Bass rumble for which they are intended (since the shell itself works in tandem with the driver, you need good contact.) Its engagement comes from its honest, lifelike presentation and makes the e12’s single driver performance stand out among a sea of increasingly unique IEM designs.

With machined aluminum shells, SwapX removable / interchangeable faceplates, leather-wrapped case, eartips, Space Force patch, and 2-pin 4.4mm cable that is akin to Effect Audio and PW Audio’s $1000 silver / copper lineups, you’re getting a solid, premium package from FiR here.

Read our full review here.

FiR Audio e12

Introducing the Electron 12 (e12), a revolutionary leap in the world of IEMs. FiR's groundbreaking SwapX technology sets it apart, allowing you to swap the look of your IEMs with ease using user-replaceable faceplate designs. The modular design of the shell, with a main faceplate attached by screws, enhances efficiency and serviceability, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. Customize your Universal-fit experience with premium designs and materials for a truly personalized touch.

FiR Audio Electron 12 closeup highlighting modular Swap X faceplate with screw partially removed

Swap X

Switch up the look of your IEM using user-replaceable faceplates. Easily switch out faceplate designs to match your style, choosing from a range of premium materials and patterns. Make a statement beyond sound with this seamless personalization feature, ensuring your e12 is as unique as your music taste.

Swap X Assembly

Modular shell design, attach with screws, ensuring lasting efficiency and serviceability. FiR's pioneering SwapX technology not only allows you to effortlessly switch faceplate designs for a customized look but also boasts a modular shell design. The faceplate assembly, securely attached with screws, enhances efficiency and serviceability, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

SwapX 2-Pin

The most durable 2-pin connection on the market. Compatible with any 2-pin standard, this revolutionary connector is rated for an impressive 1,000 connections and features a quadrant socket design that eliminates the risk of loosening. Additionally, the 2-pin modular socket is easily replaced using a set screw, taking serviceability to the next level and ensuring a seamless audio experience that remains resilient over the long haul.

FiR Audio E12 with faceplate removed revealing driver and tactile bass wiring

Tactile Bass

Reverberating Bass, creating a textured and tactile feel to the lows. The 12mm electro-dynamic driver, intricately coupled with the IEM chassis, acts as a secondary transducer for lower frequencies, delivering a deeper and richer bass that elevates your listening experience to new heights. Proprietary Tactile Bass Technology takes it a step further by utilizing the entire solid shell, allowing the bass to reverberate for a textured and tactile feel in the low end.

ATOM Venting

No more pressure. With a traditional in-ear, your ear canal is completely sealed with created air pressure which has no way to escape, causing fatigue in your ear drum and potentially long-term hearing loss.

With the ATOM system, your ear drums stay in their natural position so you can listen to music longer and safer without tiring. The soundstage is wider and feels more natural.

FiR Audio Electron 12 with attached stock cable hanging from leather couch


  • Machined Aluminum solid shells
  • SwapX Faceplates
  • (x1) Single 12mm Electro-dynamic driver w/ Tactile Bass
  • Frequency Range: 20-20kHz
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Isolation: -17db
  • Connector Type: 2-Pin 0.78mm
  • Cable: 8-braid pure Silver, Oxygen-free, copper shielded
  • Termination: Gold-plated balanced 4.4mm
  • FiR Audio 1 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • FiR Audio Electron 12 IEM
  • Standard e12 faceplate
  • 4.4mm, 2-pin cable
  • Genuine Leather protective case
  • Ear tips
  • Space Force patch

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