FATfreq Maestro Mini earphones closeup with attached stock cable whitebox
FATfreq Maestro Mini left earphone extreme closeup shell
FATfreq Maestro Mini right earphone bokeh effect extreme closeup shell
FATfreq Maestro Mini left earphone closeup shell over wood carved pedestal
FATfreq Maestro Mini right earphone bokeh effect closeup shell

FATfrequency Maestro Mini | Universal Hybrid IEMs

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FATfreq's Hybrid Maestro Mini is the Vanguard of Bass Evolution

  • Single Dynamic driver + 2 Balanced Armatures
  • The combination of dynamic woofers, bass chambers, and acoustic damping gives Maestro Mini massive bass
  • Maestro Mini offers earth-shaking bass with a comfortable fit
  • Available Silver-Blue upgrade cable with modular termination

FATfreq Maestro Mini earphones closeup Bokeh effect

The Deepest Bass on Earth

FATfreq presents the sub-bass IEM against which all audiophile Basshead IEMs are measured: the Maestro Mini.

The Mini's unique design ensures a concentrated bass response in the sub-bass region, without any undesirable bleed into the mids. As a result, it has earned its place as the benchmark for audiophiles and bass heads seeking uncompromised sub-bass performance. Recognized as the gold standard in bass-focused IEMs, the Maestro Mini continues to exceed expectations.

A FATfreq innovation pioneered and perfected for sheer bass power, the Maestro features 3D printed sound channels and a proprietary bass chamber tuned for perfect control. Meticulously engineered, the chamber utilizes cutting-edge acoustics to amplify low-frequency vibrations, setting the benchmark for deep, captivating Bass response.

Immerse yourself in the depths and clarity of bass like never before with the Maestro Mini!

FATfreq Maestro Mini left shell closeup on retail packaging

Upgraded Silver-Blue Cable

Upgrade your set with FATfreq's custom-made Silver cable in Type-6 Litz to enhance the headroom and transiency of your mixes. The upgrade package includes modular 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm termination tips for your choice of source.

FATfreq Maestro Mini upgraded blue cable highlighting y-split and 2-pin connector

FATfreq Tech

BASS CANNON™ (Patent Pending): Using proprietary dynamic woofers, bass chambers and acoustic damping networks, FATfreq was able to design the deepest bass ever recorded of over 30dB, expertly controlled below 200Hz with zero mid-range bleed. A FATfreq innovation pioneered and perfected for sheer bass power.

LINEAR IMPEDANCE: FATfreq uses proprietary circuits to correct the non-linear impedances of multi-driver systems. The different output impedances across all your devices cause frequency response to vary. Having this tech ensures consistency in frequency response for the entire FATfreq IEM lineup.

SONAR LA TROMPA™: Inspired by the anatomy of the traditional french horn, FATfreq uses exponential horn curvature for gain control and improvement of treble tonality via acoustics. The results are smooth, natural sounding highs grounded by a nice timbre in the mid and low frequencies.

In the Box

  • Maestro Mini IEMs
  • 2-pin Silver-plated Copper cable in 3.5mm -or- Silver-Blue Cable with modular termination jacks (Upgrade)
  • FATBOX hard case
  • Silicone Eartips (S/M/L)
  • IEM Cleaning Tool
  • FATfrequency 1 Year Warranty

FATfreq Maestro Mini with attached coiled stock cable inside open carry case

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