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FATfrequency Grand Maestro in open case with all accessories

FATfrequency Grand Maestro | Universal Tribrid IEMs

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Experience Ultimate Sonic Power with the FATfreq Grand Maestro 13-Driver Tribrid IEM

  • 13-Driver Tribrid: (X1) Dynamic, (x8) BA, (x4) EST
  • Vocal switches enable adjustment of vocal presence to preference
  • Noah modules allow for low frequency tweaking: greater physical bass slam or stronger low-end control
  • Precisely tuned pressure valves deliver impact without fatigue
  • Available in (x4) packages: Standard, Deluxe, w/ upgrade cable, or w/ Noah modules

FATfrequency Grand Maestro front over black wood carved statue

FATfreq's 2023 Flagship IEM

Grand Maestro is the ultimate end-game monitor for anyone looking to take their music experience to the highest level. It features award-winning frequency response with exceptional bass feedback, interchangeable NOAH modules for customizable bass response, precision tuned pressure valves for minimization of ear fatigue without sound compromise, and built-in vocal boost switch for a total of four (requires purchase of Blue Control Modules) expertly-tuned frequency curves.

Latest revision includes:

  • Recessed 2-pin sockets
  • Recessed Vocal Switches
  • Luxury Collector's Exhibition Box
  • Metal NOAH Modules

Four Packages Available

  • Standard Package includes Grand Maestro, Case, Black Noah Module, and standard Silver cable
  • Deluxe Package includes Grand Maestro, Case, Black Noah Module, additional Blue Noah Module, and Gold Upgrade Cable
  • Standard + Gold Cable only
  • Standard + Blue Blue Noah Module only

FATfreq Bass Chamber + NOAH Modules

Meticulously engineered, the bass chamber utilizes cutting-edge acoustics to amplify low-frequency vibrations, setting the benchmark for deep, captivating Bass response. Detachable Bass Chamber Modules allow you to customize your Subwoofer Slam while retaining the breathability of FATfreq's custom-built Dynamic driver:

  • Black 'Power' Modules concentrate Sub-bass power for more Slam
  • Blue 'Control' Modules control the Sub-bass response for more Rumble

FATfreq 3D render of black and blue NOAH modules with logo

Vox Boost Switch

Enhance the clarity of vocals in your audio content with a flick of a switch. Whether you're listening to music, podcasts, or watching videos, you'll hear every note and word with remarkable precision.

Precision Tuned Quad-EST Drivers

The Grand Maestro is powered by Quad precision-tuned Electrostatic drivers for unmatched detail retrieval and soundstage up to 40kHz and beyond.

Upgrade the Cable for the Ultimate Experience

Upgrade your set with FATfreq's custom-made Gold-plated pure Silver cable to enhance the musicality and headroom of your mixes. Package includes interchangeable 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm terminations for your choice of source.

FATfreq Grand Maestro Gold upgrade cable with included termination modules

FATfreq Tech

BASS CANNON™ (Patent Pending): Using proprietary dynamic woofers, bass chambers and acoustic filter networks, FATfreq was able to design the deepest bass ever recorded of over 20dB, concentrated below 200Hz with zero bleed. Not for the faint of heart.

NOAH MODULES: Customizable bass chamber technology that revolutionizes in-ear monitoring. Switch out your modules for personalized bass tonality and tuning while benefiting from the pressure relief valves which prevent ear pressure build-up. Experience personalized sound and ultimate comfort with Noah Modules. Built with BASS CANNON™.

LINEAR IMPEDANCE: FATfreq uses proprietary circuits to correct the non-linear impedances of multi-driver systems. The different output impedances across all your devices cause frequency response to vary. Having this tech ensures consistency in frequency response for the entire FATfreq IEM lineup.


  • Tribrid Arrangement: x1 Dynamic (bass) | x8 BA (mids) | x4 EST (treble)
  • Sensitivity: Patent pending, approx. 106dB/mW
  • Impedance: Patent pending, approx. 38Ω
  • Vocal toggle switches
  • x2 NOAH module types
  • x4 Choosable sound profiles

In the Box

  • Grand Maestro IEMs
  • 2-pin Silver cable
  • FATBOX hard case
  • Black Noah module
  • Eartips
  • Gold upgrade cable (Deluxe or add-on)
  • Blue Noah module (Deluxe or add-on)
  • FATfrequency 1 Year Warranty

FATfreq Grand Maestro in retail case with all accessories

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