Eletech Baroque AirPods Pro | Luxury HiFi Eartips for IEMs
Eletech Baroque AirPods Pro | Luxury HiFi Eartips for IEMs
Eletech Baroque AirPods Pro | Luxury HiFi Eartips for IEMs
Eletech Baroque AirPods Pro | Luxury HiFi Eartips for IEMs

Eletech Baroque AirPods Pro | Luxury HiFi Eartips for IEMs

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Combine Eletech's Premium Crafted Baroque Eartips with the Most Popular Earphones in the World

  • Specially crafted for Apple AirPods Pro with no need for additional adapters
  • Made with hypoallergenic material and Japanese medical grade silicone
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Includes (x2) pairs of eartips per set
  • Baroque series is born from 5,867 ear impressions used in R&D along with 726 after-market eartips having been studied and assessed
  • Features Eletech proprietary design and materials

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Enhance Your AirPods Experience

Eletech’s all-new eartips for AirPods Pro draw inspiration from the revered Baroque Luxury IEM series, elevating portable audio luxury with intricate Baroque design. With extensive research and crafting tailored for AirPods Pro users, these eartips not only enhance comfort during extended wear but also help to improve the noise isolation capabilities of AirPods Pro, allowing users to enjoy their music with greater clarity and detail.

Building on the technological prowess of the Baroque IEM eartips, the AirPods Pro eartips feature technology like Flexion™, advanced Satine+™ material technology as well as other features to enhance the user experience. These eartips are specially developed to deliver improved sound quality, comfort, and functionality. With enhanced acoustic performance, Baroque eartips for AirPods Pro provide users with a truly immersive audio experience.

Eletech Baroque assorted eartips with Apple Airpods Pro over volcanic rock with logo

Engineered for Comfort

Within the realm of AirPods Pro accessories, Eletech has ingeniously combined top-tier materials and meticulous craftsmanship to deliver an unmatched auditory experience. Constructed from a unique blend of premium, medical-grade silicone, these eartips strike a harmonious balance between comfort, resilience, and exceptional sound fidelity. Every intricate detail has been meticulously honed through a relentless pursuit of excellence, resulting in eartips that offer unparalleled performance and audio experience for AirPods Pro users.

Eletech Baroque banner with feature thumbnails and eartip cross section

Eletech Proprietary Design

Introducing PureShield™ technology, where the Baroque eartips for AirPods are finished off with hypoallergenic antimicrobial properties, creating a protective coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

This innovative technology not only ensures a cleaner listening experience but also provides lasting protection against discoloration, loss of tensile strength, and cracking, even after extensive and prolonged use.

Flexion™, a key feature in Baroque Luxury Eartips, seamlessly integrates into the Baroque collection for TWS, offering heightened ergonomics and adaptability for a personalized, comfortable fit.

Drawing inspiration from origami, Flexion enables the eartips to flex and adapt to the individual contours of the ear, ensuring a secure and personalized seal for optimal noise isolation.

Additionally, Flexion™ serves a crucial role in reducing unwanted vibrations, effectively managing and dispersing them to minimize resonance and distortion. This results in a clearer, more precise audio reproduction, bringing audio reproduction of AirPods Pro to new heights.

Introducing AeroVent™ technology, a groundbreaking innovation designed by Eletech's R&D team specifically for the AirPods Pro eartips. Prolonged use of earphones can often result in uncomfortable pressure buildup within the ear, leading to discomfort over time.

AeroVent™ addresses this issue by incorporating an air outlet on the adapter, a special air pressure release valve, allowing built-up air pressure to escape from the ear canal, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable listening experience, even during extended wear.

With active AirPods Pro users in mind, Eletech has integrated SATINÉ+™ features into their eartips, enhancing grip for a secure fit during intense activities. SATINÉ+™ gives users the confidence to participate in workouts without worrying about their eartips slipping out, all the while maintaining the exceptional comfort of the original SATINE™ material.

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  • Japanese medical grade silicon
  • Hypoallergenic antimicrobial material
  • AeroVent™ + PureShield™ Technology
  • Small: 11.2mm (Diameter) x 7.6mm (Height)
  • Medium: 12.5mm (Diameter) x 7.6mm (Height)
  • Large: 13.9mm (Diameter) x 7.6mm (Height)

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