Effect Audio Centurion cable highlighting splitter over black background
Effect Audio Centurion cable closeup of splitter over dark textured background
Effect Audio Centurion cable closeup of 2-pin connectors over dark textured background
Effect Audio Centurion cable closeup of splitter profile over dark textured background
Effect Audio Centurion cable closeup of Pentaconn plug over dark textured background
Effect Audio Centurion cable coiled on top of included case from Bloom Audio gallery
Effect Audio Centurion carry case over dark background
Effect Audio Centurion display stand over black background
Effect Audio Centurion display stand closeup brass knob and rosewood over black background

Effect Audio Centurion | Gold Silver Flagship IEM Upgrade Cable

Regular price$4,999.00

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Centurion is Effect Audio's Proudest Flagship Upgrade Cable Representing the Pinnacle of Quality in EA's Lineup

  • Bespoke upgrade cable and accessories for a premium experience
  • Industry's first UP-OCC Gold-plated Silver-Gold alloy cable
  • Includes stunning carry case and display stand made from the artisans at J. Myers Company
  • Stellar layering and imaging quality with incredible micro-detail, improves perception of soundstage width

Effect Audio Centurion cable coiled on top of included case from Bloom Audio gallery

Forged from Perfection

EA's Centurion converges revolutionary technology: the industry’s first UP-OCC Gold-Plated Silver-Gold alloy cable. Its revolutionary construction translates to unprecedented levels of resolution, accompanied by magical tone. Expect a full-bodied midrange that reveals beauty and sparkling highs presented with smooth fluidity. But even more, a sense of excellence from how they all blend together to provide a next-level experience.

After years of experimenting with gold-plated silver and silver-gold alloy, Centurion completes the brand’s ambitions by employing the highest quality material: the industry’s first gold-plated silver-gold alloy to provide the highest levels of performance, craftsmanship and design, positioning the flagship as the most technically advanced cable to date.

Effect Audio Centurion diagram of internal gold-silver alloy wires

This formidable integration has resulted in an enchanting sound with deep-reaching lows that infuse your music with dynamism and power. A rich presentation that excels in balance, wherein detail is presented with both boldness and finesse.

Effect Audio Centurion cable with included display from Bloom Audio gallery

Premium Accessories

The Centurion includes an extraordinary carrying case and stunning display stand made from the J. Myers Company. Both truly highlight the artisan and premium nature of the Centurion. The case is made from an aluminum outer shell with a Rosewood slide-open interior with embedded leather to protect the Centurion inside. The rosewood core rotates using a brass knob for either showcasing the cable or securing it safely inside. In some instances, depending on the size of your paired IEMs, the case can be used to store your IEMs as well.

Effect Audio Centurion J. Myers carry case leaning on block over black background

Centurion also comes with the Titanium Shelled ConX® interchangeable connector set allowing for flexibility to accommodate almost any IEM. It comes standard with a Pentaconn 4.4mm termination.

Effect Audio Centurion ConX connector explosion displaying all modules


  • 26 AWG, 8-wire
  • Gold-plated Silver-Gold Alloy UP-OCC
  • 7 Core Bundling
  • Multi-Sized Stranding
  • EA UltraFlexi™ Insulation
  • Pentaconn 4.4mm termination
  • Titanium Shelled ConX® connectors
  • Carry Case:  4.33" x 1.97" | 12 oz
  • Display Stand: 8.5" x 5.1" | 2.4 lb
  • Effect Audio 1 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • Centurion cable
  • Aluminum, Rosewood, and Leather carry case
  • Premium display stand
  • ConX® interchangeable connector set (2-Pin, MMCX, Ear Connector, IPX, A2DC) with small carry case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rob Loney
I Now Own the Centurion!

I owe it to you all to finally be able to write my final after-purchase review of this product (see below). I recieved my Effect Audio Centurion cable the other day. The box it came in weighed close to some 5 pounds. What's in it? All kinds of stuff. The stand weighs the most of course and the box is HUGE!
Now, as for sound quality improvements (read below), it was as you'd expect. All a cable can do for sound quality, really, is try and keep the signal loss as low as possible. They do this by throwing a bunch of gold, copper and silver at it (silver being the best conductor of the three). The signal will still have to travel through some non-silver gold at the connectors but the rest has silver, gold and copper wiring. Looking at the cable, I only see silver but that's what you want. Silver. I haven't tested but I doubt that the difference in resistance is even measurable. So, what IS the difference then?
Gold. Silver. Lots of gold, lots of silver. Don't forget, there's copper too. Is it enough gold and silver to sell in case of financial collapse of the world economy? Maybe not. But its alot!
One of the first things I noticed once I got my hands on it though was how soft and supple this cable feels. For as thick as it is, it's not at all stiff. Maybe they braid the wires in such a way that it feels very smooth, it has a soft outer layer that feels almost sexy in some ways.
The tip system is nice, too. It's easy to change out tips so it will work with nearly every kind of headphone you might throw at it, well IEMs at least. Just dont lose the carrying case that they come in.
So, does it do anything for the sound then? In my opinion, no, not noticably. But it sure in hadies does have thay bling appeal! Beautiful, appealing and the perfect final touch to my SP3000T/NOVUS System! How much did I say? I think my whole DAP setup will cost you at least $13 Gs.
Worth it? For me? Every penny! For you? Gotta find that out for yourself, if you dare!

Rob Loney
Why I might buy this cable, Nikolai

Well, that's a very good question. The simplest answer? Because I want it and because I can. The real question then becomes -- SHOULD I buy this cable?
I already preordered a pair of Empire Ears Novus IEMs that costs the same amount. If I am going to strap on an already rediculously expensive $5K pair of ears then why not $10K? and they dang well better bury me in those babies too!
I might well be the only one on the planet with that setup (for a short while at least) and I'm pretty sure they should sound fantastic being paired with my new A&K SP3000T DAP, but not because of the cable so much.
It's being made of gold, silver and copper really won't do much more for the sound than any other decent cable. I've been in audio most of my life so from all I have learned, its mostly about conducting electricity. The lower the resistance, the better. But even a cheap cable will have a very low electrical impedance probably less than 1 ohm.
Copper is the norm for wire. Gold is mainly used to prevent corrosion, rust or tarnishing but copper is the better conductor, with the exception of silver, which this cable also has. If anyone wants to disagree, thats fine. Maybe these DO sound just the tiniest bit better and Im sure not worse.
You could also melt them down in case of an economic collapse due to politics or war, etc. Boy, wouldn't that be a shame.
So, I would not suggest anyone spend that kind of money if you just want better sound, cuz you ain't gonna get your money's worth.
You buy it for asthetics. Because you appreciate the finer things this short life has to offer. And not because they look all that great either. I bet noone around you would ever even notice much of anything even remotely special about them.
But, you would know. Having the trio of the SP3000T, Novus and the Centurions may even go UP in value or at least hold most of their value over time.
I will have to give this much thought. Not easy shelling out that kind of coinage for some crazy headphone wires!!!
Will they make a $500 IEM sound like $5000? Nope. Don't buy these unless you just feel compelled and you happen to have lots of loose change jingling in your pocket(s)!

Nikolai Petrova

I'm sure the cable is miles above most other cables on the market this "review" is more in question. Who in the world can actually afford a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR IEM cable? I genuinely want to know who can afford a cable that cost more than 99.9% of all IEMs and Headphones on the market. Also what do the diminishing returns look like as opposed to say as $250-$300 cable? Is this just because is custom limited run? Is it brand recognition? Is it just the prestige of owning a $5000 cable? I'm not saying it's not worth it or torching anyone that spends the money on these I'm just extremely curious about if they are actually worth it and if they are, will it make $150 IEMs sound like $1500 IEMs? What exactly is the draw and allure? What are the pros and cons? (Obviously a massive Con is the price point) But beyond that are there any other cons to a cable of this caliber? Sorry to take up review space on this but I hope someone knowledgeable, intelligent and educated on this subject can see this and help me out instead of a bunch of trolls or self important individuals with more money than sense giving me replies and answers that add absolutely nothing to the conversation. Obviously you have to leave an email on the review so if someone that works for this site wants to email me to help me out I'm trying to educate myself here, I'm trying to understand the price point not put it down or trash it. Thanks to anyone that cares to reply or educate me on the matter.

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