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Dekoni Audio Bulletz for True Wireless | Memory Foam Eartips

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Elevate the Listening Experience and Isolation of your TWS IEMs with Dekoni Audio's Memory Foam Bulletz

  • Unparalleled sound isolation
  • Hygienic solution to non-silicone eartips
  • Uses memory foam for maximum seal
  • Specifically designed to fit inside wireless cases
  • NOT for Apple Airpods | Click Here for Airpods Pro version

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Audio Elevated

The Bulletz are slow rebound memory foam in-ear tips (available in small, medium and large) for many popular in ear monitors. Dekoni Audio has now expanded that line, offering tips for true wireless in-ear headphones. While true wireless users loved the Dekoni Mercury tips, most could not fit inside their charging case.

Dekoni’s TWS series fits inside most true wireless cases. The bore (inner diameter of the tip) is the same as Mercury at 4.9mm. It fits a wide range of true wireless models like the Sennheiser Momentum, Fostex TM2, and many others.

Bulletz Background

The Bulletz series was released in 2017 as an answer to non-silicone ear tips having no way to safely be cleaned. All Dekoni memory foam ear tips are washable with cold soap and water. Dry with a paper towel and good as new!

Sample packs are are a great way to help you find your perfect seal! Dekoni sizes run similarly to stock tips, but sample packs are always recommend to start.

Sizes (Inner Tube / O.D. / Height)

  • Small: 4.9mm | 10.5mm | 7.5mm
  • Medium: 4.9mm | 12.5mm | 7.5mm
  • Large: 4.9mm | 13.4mm | 7.5mm

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