ddHiFi TC09S cable over white background
ddHiFi TC09S cable over black background
ddHiFi TC09S cable coiled up on dark background
ddHiFi TC09S cable connected to Android and DAC
ddHiFi TC09S cable connected to laptop and DAC
ddHiFi TC09S cable connected to Android and DAC over white background

ddHiFi TC09S OTG Cable | USB-C to USB-C

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Connect Your USB DAC to your Android or Computer and Enjoy HiFi Music with ddHiFi's TC09S USB-C OTG Cable

  • NYX series cable with double-shield for current and data transmission isolation
  • Adheres to USB On-The-Go (OTG) spec required by many audiophile DACs
  • Stylish and premium quality with noticeable sound quality improvement
  • Check out ddHiFi's TC07S OTG USB-C to C cable, a newer NYX 2.0 version with narrow-waisted and wide-mouthed plugs for easier connections

ddHiFi TC09S cable connected to Android and DAC

Hear the Difference

Many audiophiles who prefer their music on-the-go use their phones, PCs, or tablets as their source for audio content, connecting their DAC directly to the device. Even though the voltage and current are low, the role and quality of the cable are still important with noticeable improvements in sound quality when using better cables.

With ddHiFi’s new Nyx series OTG cable, you’ll hear the difference.

Double-Shielded Data Cable Structure

The shielded structure of the Nyx cable isn’t suitable for the data portion of the cable since the data cable includes common transmission of current along with the digital signal. The stability of the current transmission depends on the number and purity of the conductors while the stability of the digital signal requires high conductor purity, reasonable twist structure, and a shielded layer design.

For the Nyx series, ddHiFi developed a double shielded parallel structure to shield current and data transmission respectively. Visually distinguishable, the pure silver shielding outer layer provides power transmission while the mixed silver and black shielding outer layer provides data transmission.

ddHiFi TC09S cable disconnected adjacent to Droid on dark background


  • Cable Structure: Power and signal Starquad with shielding
  • Inner Insulation: NUC high-precision chemical foam PE (made in Japan)
  • Outer Insulation: High transparency SoftFlex PVC (made in the USA)
  • Weight: 13g
  • Length: 3.94” (10cm) -or- 19.69” (50cm)
  • Connections: USB-C OTG

Data Layer

  • Core Thickness: 26.7AWG (white) + 26.7AWG (green)
  • Core Material: High purity Litz pure silver (2x7/Φ0.14mm)
  • Shielding: Litz Oxygen-free Copper + Litz Silver-plated over LCOFC

Power Layer

  • Core Thickness: (x2) 25.6AWG (red) + (x2) 25.6AWG (black)
  • Core Material: High purity Litz Oxygen-free Copper (4x7x7/Φ0.06mm)
  • Shielding: Litz Silver-plated over LCOFC

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