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ddHiFi MFi07S OTG HiFi Cable | Lightning to USB-C

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Connect Your USB DAC to your iPhone or iPad with ddHiFi's Audiophile-grade MFi07S OTG HiFi Cable

  • NYX series version 2.0 Silver shielded data cable
  • Adheres to USB On-The-Go (OTG) spec required by many audiophile DACs
  • New narrow-waisted and wide-mouthed plugs for easier plug-in and pull-out
  • Stylish and high-quality with noticeable sound quality improvement

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Hear the Difference

Many audiophiles who prefer their music on-the-go use their iPhones as their audio content source, connecting their DAC directly to the phone or iPad. The role and quality of the cable are important with noticeable improvements in sound quality when using superior cables.

With ddHiFi’s new Nyx Silver series 2.0 OTG cable, you’ll definitely hear the difference.

Nyx Series Silver Shielded Data Cable (vs. 2.0)

The original Nyx MFi09S series used a 1st generation silver shielded wire which used a relatively complex structure of separate shielding for its power supply and data transmission. This greatly helped to reduce noise in devices whose power supplies were susceptible to interference.

The new version 2 Nyx 07 series uses the 2nd generation of silver shielded wire which distributes the power supply and data wires at equal intervals. It also uses imported insulation material with an adjusted-density shielding net with black and white spacing along with an outer insulation layer in accordance with impedance matching. Compared to the 1st gen, the newer 2.0 wire is smaller and more compact.

Easy to Plug and Unplug

The narrow-waisted and wide-mouthed plugs are a further extension of the 2023 ddHiFi design language. The advantage of this unique design is to make the plug holdings firmer when plugging in and pulling out. Moreover, the arched-edge will aid in reducing wire creasing, and the bi-color front and rear cavity structure contributes to a more integrated shielding of the plug.

Supercharged High-current OTG Plug (vs. 2.0)

When using an iPhone with audio decoding devices and high current, it’s common to get a pop-up reminder warning that the device cannot be used due to excessive power requirements. The MFi07S uses Lightning 2.0 which allows more audio dongles to be compatible with iPhone.


  • Cable Structure: Power and signal with shielding
  • Inner Insulation: NUC high-precision chemical foam PE (made in Japan)
  • Outer Insulation: High transparency SoftFlex PVC (made in the USA)
  • Weight: 10g (10cm) -or- 20g (50cm)
  • Length: 3.94” (10cm) -or- 19.69” (50cm)
  • Connections: Lightning OTG, USB-C OTG
  • Shielding: Litz Silver-plated over LCOFC

Data Layer

  • Core Thickness: (x2) 27AWG
  • Core Material: High purity Litz Type2 4N Solid Core Silver (Φ0.08mm×19×2)

Power Layer

  • Core Thickness: (x2) 22.9AWG
  • Core Material: High purity Litz Type2 Oxygen-free Copper (Φ0.05mm×19×7×2)

ddHiFi MFi07S OTG cable retail box over white background

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