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ddHiFi DJ65M Headphone Adapter | 6.3mm F to 3.5mm M

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Connect Your 6.3mm Terminated Headphone to Your Device's 3.5mm Port with ddHiFi's DJ65M Adapter

  • Aluminum alloy housing, high-purity OCC copper, and 24k Gold-plated copper plug
  • Allows you to safely adapt your 6.3mm 1/4" terminated headphones to the 3.5mm SE female port on your DAC, Amp, DAP, or other audio source
  • High-quality, Neutrik TRS connector for lossless sound
  • For the opposite adapter (3.5mm F to 6.3mm M), check out ddHiFi's DJ65A(AL) adapter

ddHiFi DJ65M adapter with attached headphone cable and connected to MP3 player

Professional Design

In order to ensure that music signals are transmitted without loss, ddHiFi has incorporated a PRO socket from a HiFi desktop device into an adapter for the very first time. The Neutrik 6.3mm socket has excellent conductivity, and combined with the CNC'ed aluminum casing, the DJ65M is an accessory that truly fits into the audiophile space.

Widely Applied

TRS (Tip, Ring and Sleeve) is exclusive to stereo sound, largely represented by 6.3mm and 3.5mm connections. 6.3mm (or 1/4") is commonly used on desktop devices, while 3.5mm is more commonly used on portable devices.

The DJ65M meets the needs of adapting 6.3mm headphones to 3.5mm terminated devices. Compared to traditional adapter cables, the DJ65M is an adapter style that yields less loss of sound quality and is typically more reliable.


  • Model: DJ65M
  • Plug: 3.5mm stereo, 24K gold-plated copper
  • Socket: 6.3mm TRS, made by Neutrik
  • Internal Connecting Wire: High-purity OCC copper
  • Shell Material: 6063 aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions (excl. plug): 44mm × 21.8mm × 23mm
  • Weight: 22.5g

ddHiFi DJ65M adapter over dark reflective background

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