Chord Electronics Poly \ Wireless Streamer and Music Player for Mojo-Bloom Audio
Chord Electronics Poly \ Wireless Streamer and Music Player for Mojo-Bloom Audio
Chord Electronics Poly \ Wireless Streamer and Music Player for Mojo-Bloom Audio
Chord Electronics Poly \ Wireless Streamer and Music Player for Mojo-Bloom Audio
Chord Electronics Poly \ Wireless Streamer and Music Player for Mojo-Bloom Audio
Chord Electronics Poly \ Wireless Streamer and Music Player for Mojo-Bloom Audio

Chord Electronics Poly V3 | Wireless Streamer and Music Player for Mojo 2

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The Chord Poly Turns Your Mojo into a Wireless Streaming Powerhouse

  • Attaches to your Chord Mojo or Mojo2 to transform the device into a WiFi streamer
  • Can use Bluetooth or lossless, high resolution WiFi to stream music from any device to your Mojo
  • Works with the easy to use and configurable GoFigure app from Chord
  • Has a microSD card slot to store your collection

Bloom's Take

The Poly adds to the portability and convenience of the Mojo by turning it into a wireless streamer – or even a player when you add an SD card Poly. If you want high resolution sound combined with high levels of convenience, the Mojo and Poly combination will take you there.

Read the full review of the Mojo and Poly combo.

Revolutionary Streaming from Chord

Poly is a revolutionary music streamer, the first of its kind in the world. When partnered with Mojo, it enables music streamed from a range of wirelessly connected devices to be enjoyed in the best possible sound quality, whether at home or on the go. Poly is also a music player: its unlimited-capacity Micro SD card slot can house huge libraries and liberate storage on smart devices. Full smartphone control using everyday apps enables effortless music playback whether streaming or playing music from the Micro SD.

Poly directly connects to Mojo’s award-winning audio processing (DAC) technology dramatically improving the audio quality of streamed music. Its advanced design enables everyday devices, including Android and Apple smartphones/tablets, to become portable ‘hi-fi-quality’ digital audio players: the smartphone becomes the controller, with Poly and Mojo doing the high-level audio processing. Poly can also be used with computers and laptops, plus it can access networked audio stored on NAS drives using popular DLNA apps. Playback is via Mojo’s twin headphone outputs, plus home and in-car audio systems with auxiliary (AUX) inputs can also benefit from improved sound quality.

Chord Electronics Mojo and Poly

Poly connects to Wi-Fi networks, including mobile hotspots when on the go, and remembers multiple networks with its auto-connect functionality. It also benefits from Bluetooth 4.1, AirPlay and DLNA connectivity, offering uninterrupted music streaming when transitioning from indoors to outdoors. Poly also features its own hotspot mode, enabling a connection where devices, networks or countries do not facilitate tethering. Its rechargeable LiPo batteries offer up to nine hours of playback from a four-hour charge using the device’s fast-charging USB circuit; both Poly and Mojo can be charged simultaneously.

Poly is high-resolution audio-compatible, with support for the latest studio-quality files; PCM data up to 768kHz resolution and DSD64 to DSD256 (Quad-DSD). Supported file types include ACC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG VORBIS, ALAC, WMA and MP3.


    • Portable streamer/player that combines with Mojo
    • Wireless streaming from connected devices at home or on-the-go
    • Built-in unlimited-capacity Micro SD card slot for music library storage/playback
    • Control via familiar smartphone apps
    • Upgrades sound quality from headphones, in-car systems, home audio and more
    • Empowers smartphones as ‘hi-fi quality’ portable digital audio players
    • Chord Electronics’ award-winning sound quality for streamed and Micro SD music
    • Connects via Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (for optimum stability)
    • Rechargeable LiPo 2200mAh battery: 9-hour + playtime and fast-charging via USB
    • Playback support: Roon, DNLA, AirPlay and Bluetooth 4.1
    • Precision-machined aluminum casing with black anodization, opaque black wireless signal window and silicone feet
    • Support for all major file types including: ACC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG VORBIS, ALAC, WMA and MP3
    • High-resolution audio-compatible: PCM sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 358.8kHz, 384kHz,717.6kHz and 768kHz; DSD via DoP sample rates: DSD64 – DSD256 (Quad-DSD); DSD from SD card
    • Devices supported: iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Windows and Mac OS X computers and DAPs
    • Dimensions: 50mm (L) x 62mm (W) x 22mm (H)
    • Over-the-air software updates
    • Hotspot mode: Poly can create its own hotspot where networks/devices/countries don’t support tethering
    • Integrated Access Point: allows configuration of connected networks (up to 32)
    • DLNA server and renderer (SD card); SMB Server (SD card); MPD player (SD Card)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Top tier customer service. Got my replacement fast.

    John Frank
    The last piece of my IEM CONFIGURATION

    Campfire Audio Solaris 2020. Chord Mojo 2. Finally the Chord Poly. While it took me a while to configure the set up with my iPhone wondering if the forecasted aural bliss was ever going to happen and then……. The sound came streaming to Poly, processed by Mojo, and all I hoped it would be thru my IEMs. Worth every penny.

    Mojo/Poly combo

    When it works, it sounds amazing. Having trouble with Bubble UPNP connecting consistently, MALP works better but cannot stream Tidal or Quboz with MALP. I'm not streaming yet but most likely will start this year. Bluetooth works fine but doesn't sound as good as .wav files from the micro SD. battery life is just ok. Form factor is on the chunky side, but sound quality is warm and deep, with great extension and texture. Leather case needed to hold M/P together on the move. Google pixel 6 cannot browse Internet on cellular when connected to M/P wifi for access to micro SD, kind of annoying. It's quirky but the SQ is worth it, lots of options for playback too.

    Robert Sandhaus
    Great technology, needs better manual and app

    The Chord Poly is a great addition to the Mojo or Mojo 2 that allows the Mojos to add a micro-SD card reader and to stream from a variety of sources, including Roon, Qobuz, Tidal, internet radio stations, and other sources. Unfortunately, setting the unit up appropriately can take a fair amount of time, from reading the sparse PDF-only manual to searching the internet for the actual meat of how to do it. For instance, it’s not sufficient to simply insert an SD card with music files on them even if organized into albums. You have to manually create playlists or find an app for your particular smart phone that can create them, and even then it takes quite a bit of trial and error. The community of users can be quite helpful and friendly but it’s a shame that Chord doesn’t do as good a job at documentation as it does on making remarkable hardware. Similarly, to use some streaming services requires finding third party apps, again specific to your computer or smart phone, and getting them to find your Poly. The Roon integration is quite simple and painless if that’s the way you’d like to go. The battery life is quite long, as advertised. Overall, after getting all the set up working, it’s a wonderful addition to the amazing Mojos.

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