Cayin C9 | Portable Headphone Amplifier-Bloom Audio
Cayin C9 | Portable Headphone Amplifier-Bloom Audio
Cayin C9 | Portable Headphone Amplifier-Bloom Audio
Cayin C9 | Portable Headphone Amplifier-Bloom Audio
Cayin C9 | Portable Headphone Amplifier-Bloom Audio
Cayin C9 | Portable Headphone Amplifier-Bloom Audio

Cayin C9 | Portable Headphone Amplifier

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The Cayin C9: Flagship Portable Power

  • Incredible versatility and up to 4.1W of power in your pocket.
  • Choose between the euphonic tube mode or the incredible accuracy of solid state.
  • Class A and Class AB offer further customization of the sound and efficiency.
  • Supports 4.4mm and 3.5mm input and output, with BAL to SE, and SE to BAL options.
  • User serviceable and replaceable batteries.

Cayin C9 portable amp with connected Cayin audio player

Choice of Timbre Vacuum Tubes/Solid State

C9 uses a custom-designed fully balanced 4-ch dual timbre circuit with the Toshiba 2SK209 JET(Quad Set) for solid state, and a Korg Nutube 6P1 Double Direct Heated Triode for tube mode. You can use either mode for both Single-ended and Balanced Headphone Output

Vacuum Tube Timbre Circuit

The Redesigned timbre circuit gives you a livelly, euphonic, and delicate presentation using two miniature double Direct Heated Triode (DHT) for both Balanced and Single-ended output, with carefully implemented NFB that reduce THD+10 to 0.03%. Cayin's innovative installation process eliminates the microphonic effect of vacuum tubes.

Solid State Timbre circuit

The solid state circuit delivers a warm and rich timbre that is realistic and engaging. It uses a fully discrete buffer and amplification audio circuit designed around two matched pairs of high quality, low noise Toshiba 2SK209 JFET op-amps.

Dual Amp Operation Mode

C9's dual amp operation mode lets you switch between Class A and Class AB operation instantly. Class A mode is less energy efficient, but provides the lowest possible distortion, and a warm, smooth, musical sound. Class AB offers longer battery life along with a clean, tight low-end presentation.

Dual Input Mode

C9's dual input mode allows you to optimally receive fixed or variable volume signals, and bypass the C9's volume control when connected to a device with its own volume control.

Line: Receives fixed voltage audio signal from line level output and functions as a headphone amplifier with local volume control

Pre: receives variable voltage audio signal from pre-amp output and function as a power amplifier: volume is controlled at the source equipment

The amp also isn't limited by your input source. You can use balanced headphones with a single ended source or single-ended headphones with a balanced source, seamlessly. 

User Serviceable Batteries

One of the biggest problems portable audio fans face is battery degradation on their high-end devices. Usually a battery replacement means waiting weeks to receive service from the manufacturer. C9 gets reliable, replaceable power from 4x Sony VTC6 3000mAH 18650 Lithium Batteries.


  • Analog Inputs
    • 3.5mm TRS
    • 4.4mm TRRRS
  • Analog Outputs
    • 3.5mm TRS
    • 4.4mm TRRRS
  • Timbre Circuit (Tube): KORG Nutube 6P1 x2
  • Timbre Circuit (SS): Toshiba 2SK209 JFET x 4
  • Input differential Amp: LIS LSK489 JFET x 4
  • Electronic Volume Control: MUSES72320x2
  • Battery: Sony US1865V9VTC6 x 4
  • Battery Duration
    • Solid State:
      • SE/Class AB: 15 hours, SE/Class A: 12 hours
      • Bal/Class AB: 10 Hours, Bal/Class A: 7 Hours
    • Vacuum Tubes:
      • SE/Class AB: 9.5 Hours, SE/Class A: 8 Hours
      • Bal/Class AB: 9 Hours, Bal/Class A: 5.5 Hours
    • Charge time (estimated):
      • Standard Charger: 6 hours
      • Quick Charge 3.0: 3 hours
  • Output power
    • 3.5mm SE: 16Ω: 1200mW, 32Ω: 700mW, 150Ω: 160mW, 300Ω: 80mW
    • 4.4mm Bal: 16Ω: 4.1 W, 32Ω: 2.6 W, 150Ω: 640mW, 300Ω: 320mW
  • Dimensions: 160x80x28mm
  • Weight 550g
  • Full C9 Specs

In the Box

  • C9 Portable Headphone Amplifier
  • C9 Battery Module
  • Read Panel Glass Protector
  • Single-ended Portable Interconnect (3.5mm to 3.5mm)
  • Balanced Portable Interconnect (4.4mm to 4.4mm)
  • USB-C Charging cable
  • Replacement screws for battery module
  • T6 Screw Driver
  • User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Eddie T.
Amazing portable amp

I am using this with my Astell & Kern SE300 and Meze Empyrean II Headphones. The A&K can "drive" the Empys, but the addition of the amp brings them to life. Highly recommended.

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