Campfire Audio Solstice | Balanced Armature CUSTOM Earphones-Bloom Audio
Campfire Audio Solstice | Balanced Armature CUSTOM Earphones-Bloom Audio
Campfire Audio Solstice | Balanced Armature CUSTOM Earphones-Bloom Audio
Campfire Audio Solstice | Balanced Armature CUSTOM Earphones-Bloom Audio

Campfire Audio Solstice | Balanced Armature Custom Earphones

Regular price$1,500.00

  • All new Solid-body Custom-fit reference earphones from Campfire Audio.
  • Featuring a patent pending solid body design custom engineered and optimized for you.
  • Building on our classic Andromeda sonic signature, Solstice is a reference tool for artists and audiophiles alike.
  • Each pair is made by hand for an unsurpassed fit and finish. And as always, designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA.

These are CUSTOM earphones from Campfire Audio

Current lead time is 10 days from the time Campfire receives the impressions. You need to visit an audiologist to get your ear impressions made first. By purchasing from Bloom, you receive our attentive lifetime support. We'll assist during each step of the process. Keep in mind, all custom earphones orders are final.

For more information about ordering customer IEMs, check out our Custom IEMs Guide or watch our video on Getting Custom IEMs. Feel free to Call, Email, or Message us if you have any questions about ordering custom IEMs.

Complete Custom Comfort

Hours of listening pleasure without fatigue. We offer two custom-fit style options; Audiophile Fit and Artist Fit.

Our Audiophile Fit offers a shallow seal depth without the unnecessary added length of traditional in-ear monitors for the stage. This fit is comfortable and is easy to enjoy wearing in a wide variety of conditions and locations. From a daily work commute to a studio mix-down, this is a great fit style for everyday use.

Our Artist Fit offers a more traditional seal depth to ensure the necessary sonic isolation and added security you need for demanding on-stage performances. Extending into the ear canal, this fit style is excellent for the professional musician.

Solid-Body Design

Unique to Campfire Audio Custom-fit earphones is our patent-pending Solid Body earphone design.

Each earphone begins with an impression of your ear. This impression is scanned into our system. Though our signature process, we manipulate the interior acoustic chambers of the Equinox design; arranging them in optimal position inside the shape of the impression. This also allows us the opportunity to optimize the performance of the earphone for your ear. This results in a better sounding earphone. Fewer moving parts also means a more reliable earphone over the life of ownership. Solstice is designed to be an audio tool and it will do so for years even in the most demanding conditions.

Reference Performance

Using our best selling classic Andromeda driver configuration and sonic signature as a springboard, we created a custom fit earphone that is something truly sonically special.

With a custom fit and modified acoustic chamber design, Solstice extends well beyond the edges first explored by Andromeda. Spacious high-frequency extension. Deep bass with plenty of sub-bass presence as support. However, the balance and even-handedness of Andromeda remain intact. This gives Solstice the immediate feature of playing well across genre and circumstance; a superb and versatile performer.

Exceptional Earphones

Solstice features a meticulously buffed and hand-polished finish. The wonderfully smooth earphone body conforms comfortably to your individual ear shape; engineered to your anatomy.

Solstice is completed with a polished stainless steel cap. This cap serves the dual purposes of both protecting the sensitive internal components of the earphone and securely fastening the MMCX connector to the earphone’s body. This ensures a reliable and lasting connection to the earphone.

Cadre of Cables

Artist Litz – This performance-focused cable utilized the same conductor materials as our standard Smoky Litz cable; silver-plated copper. The distinguishing features are an additional 18” of cable length as well as longer over-molded MMCX connectors with built-in memory wire. This cable is available with either distinctively colored Red and Blue or semi-transparent smoky grey MMCX over-molds.

Smoky Litz – Our standard audiophile cable offering. This cable features four silver-plated copper Litz conductors and over-molded low profile MMCX connectors. This cable is available with a range of terminations: 3.5mm Stereo, 2.5mm TRRS, or 4.4mm Pentaconn.


  • Solid Body Design Patent Pending from Campfire Audio – Our new solid body design provides optimized acoustic performance by incorporating the tuning chambers of the earphone directly into the final earphone print.
  • Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.)™ – Our tuned acoustic expansion chamber technology allows us to deliver extended high frequencies without sibilance or fatigue. We optimize our driver performance by adjusting the volume of space available in front of the driver. This is superior to the typical “Tube+Dampener” system because it provides a direct passage from the driver to your ear, which results in unsurpassed clarity and extension.
  • 3D printed ceramic acoustically optimized chambers. Close attention to detail is critical to delivering you the superior musical experience from our earphones. Solstice features an acoustically optimized interior model that allows each driver to deliver the very best sound quality. When heard together, the drivers offer a seamless musical experience as a result of this process.
    • 10Hz–28 kHz Frequency Response
    • 112.8 dB SPL/mW Sensitivity
    • 12.8 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance
    • Dual High Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers + T.A.E.C.
    • Single Mid Frequency Balanced Armature Driver
    • Dual Low Frequency Balanced Armature Drivers
    • Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
    • Hand Polished 3D printed Solid-Body
    • Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber™ (T.A.E.C.)
    • Stainless Steel Cap
    In the Box
    • Campfire Audio Solstice Custom Earphones
    • Campfire Audio Premium Leather Earphone Case
    • Campfire Audio Cable of your choice (2 aforementioned options)

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