Burson V5i Dual Opamps | Hybrid Opamps (Pair)-Bloom Audio
Burson V5i Dual Opamps | Hybrid Opamps (Pair)-Bloom Audio

Burson V5i Dual Opamps | Hybrid Opamps (Pair)

Sale price$115.00


From Burson

The inception of our latest product originated as a result of our partnership with a leading microchip foundry.  Together we have created an integrated version of our V5 FET circuitry. In order to overcome many of the inherent limitations associated with ICs, we have externalized parts of its circuitry and completed those sections with high quality discrete components.

The newly developed Burson V5i is a hybrid audio opamp, which is both partially IC and discrete.  It bears the sonic signature of its bigger brother, the V5 discrete opamp, considered by many as the reference in audio application.


When designing the Burson V5i, our goal was to create a product that was to manage. Similar to the size of a typical DIP8 opamp, the V5i is the easiest plug-in upgrade for any audio project. Starting at the price of $39.00 USD, the V5i is a fun upgrade with serious performance capabilities.


Unsurpassed Performance & Quality

It is said that we as humans can only hear up to 20 KHz; however, the new V5i has bandwidth of 50 MHz. In other words, you will not be able to hear all the micro details, but you will surely feel them. With the creation of the V5i, music will simply be more engaging and live like.

Holding fast to our tradition of elite service, the V5i is also covered under our Worldwide Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Here at Burson Audio, we maintain a high level of customer service with our commitment to design and quality.


Sonic Characteristics

Like the fully discrete SSV5, the V5i is fast, dynamic, and transparent. Music shines through a peach black background and a wide stage. The V5i pushes IC based audio opamp beyond its limitations and it is truly worthy of the Burson badge.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William Dengler
Burson V5i Opamps

I installed these in my older Topping A30 (not PRO) headphone amp to replace the stock Burr Brown OPA2134’s. Installation was super easy and only took about 15 minutes. It sounds like an entirely different headphone amp - lows, mids, and highs are all better and more alive. Best money I’ve spent on the setup.

Great little op amp

I have a few of these and they just do the job. Musical, smooth, detailed and a pleasure to use and listen with. And very fast shipping!

YuZe Yang
Shipped and arrived very quickly

Shipped and arrived very quickly. The handwritten note and the KitKat are a great surprise.
Well packaged, will wait till my preamp (FX Audio Tube 03J+) arrives to test the upgrade.

Kun An
Couldn't be happier

Drop-in replacement for the stock op-amp (NE5532) of my preamp. All of a sudden all the music comes to life - tangible, vivid, and immersive! It really brings out the texture, clarity, and richness of the sound. The bass also becomes more defined. It is never fatiguing, which allows me to spend hours and hours enjoying my favorite songs.

A very good tweak

I put a pair in a cheap tube preamp and the difference it made was huge. A much bigger difference than upgrading a tube. I would recomend them to anybody.

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