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ALO Audio Pilot II | Portable Balanced USB DAC

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ALO Audio's Pilot II Brings Plug-and-play Hi-fi in a Powerful, Portable USB DAC with Balanced 4.4mm

  • Highly detailed portable DAC with ESS Sabre 9281AC Pro DAC
  • Bypass the inferior built-in DAC of your portable electronics
  • 4.4mm Balanced headphone jack with USB-C input
  • Premium aluminum enclosure
  • Features PCM up to 768kHz, DSD up to 22.5MHz, and MQA Support

Bloom Recommendation

The Pilot II does not come with a USB-C to lightning adapter, nor is it included in the original Pilot. We recommend ddHiFi's TC28i Pro OTG Adapter to use the Pilot II with an iPhone. The adapter will also allow you to concurrently charge your iPhone while using the DAC.

Unleash Your Full Portable HiFi Potential

Uncompromised, Convenient Performance

Elevate your audio experience wherever you go with ALO Audio’s Pilot II Digital-to-Analog Converter. With the power of a high-quality DAC, you will bypass the inferior built-in audio components of your portable devices, and ensure your tracks are presented with improved clarity, depth, and overall detail.

Pilot II improves upon the performance of the original with increased overall sonic performance, the incorporation of a 4.4mm balanced output, and variable output with its boost toggle button.

Enhanced Accuracy, Precision, and Performance

Signal Quality Worthy of Your High-End Earphones

Pilot II uses the power of the ESS Sabre 92181AC Pro DAC to convert your favorite tracks to a faithfully reproduced analog signal, ensuring that your favorite tracks, podcasts, and movies are represented in their truest form, as the artist intended.

Portability at Its Finest

Premium Sound Quality Anytime, Anywhere

With a compact size, and a durable, lightweight housing, Pilot II is the perfect companion while traveling, commuting, or simply relaxing in a coffee shop. Pilot fits easily into your pocket, backpack, or luggage, empowering you to take advantage of the high quality audio wherever life takes you.


  • DAC: ESS Sabre 9281AC Pro
  • SNR: 115db
  • THD: 0.0003%
  • PCM Sampling up to 768kHz
  • DSD Sampling up to 22.5MHz
  • MQA Support
  • LED Indicator
    • Blue: Idle or standard resolution >/= 48kHz
    • Red: HD Audio > 48kHZ
    • Magenta: MQA
  • Compatible OS: Android, iOS, Windows 10/11, Mac OS
  • Boost Button (increases signal output)
    • Unboosted: 2.2vRms
    • Boosted: 3.3vRms

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