64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio

64 Audio Fourté Blanc Limited Edition | Hybrid Universal IEMs

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The Limited Edition Fourté Blanc Takes Flagship Sound to a New Level

  • Fourté Blanc is a 4 driver flagship IEM featuring 64 Audio Tia and Apex technology
  • The Kaiser Aluminum Shell and Ceramic coating provide durability and electrical insulation
  • Completely redesigned dynamic driver for the most accurate possible bass

Bloom's Take

Fourté Blanc takes the clarity and spaciousness of the original Tia Fourté and gives it a more versatile, accessible twist. With only 500 available worldwide, this is an amazing IEM, and one of our top flagship picks of 2022.

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The Tubeless BA IEM Evolution

Our second reinterpretation of the world renown Fourté; the first fully tubeless universal in-ear monitor. Rounding off Fourté’s industry leading legacy, Blanc delivers a fresh perspective, both cosmetically and technically. A custom designed open dynamic driver, one balanced armature, and two tia drivers challenge the technical possibilities of a four driver system.

64 Audio Fourte Blanc

This culmination of small yet powerful details all build upon the wide resolving nature of the tia system, bringing recorded music to life. Limited and minimal in nature, each Fourté Blanc is one of only 500 units; all with exclusive packaging and upgraded internal components contained within a pristine white ceramic-coated shell. Internally, everything from the driver choice and position to the solder is meticulously engineered. These are beautifully juxtaposed with the unique patina of Blanc’s copper faceplate, the cloth pattern and letter pressing on the packaging; all imperfect in their own way giving each Fourté Blanc customer a truly exclusive experience.


Blanc is tuned very similarly to Fourté Noir, with some subtle improvements in the low-frequency band due to a new implementation of the dynamic driver, resulting in lower distortion. Lows reach deep while maintaining realism, giving space for upper bass and mid-range punch/presence. This accuracy in the mid band is not only a result of its own amplitude but because of the quick transient response of the high-mid section. The high-frequency band is left sounding pure and clean. Tia’s classic sound-stage presents the depth of the stereo field rather than just the width. Recordings with sudden wide panned instruments seemingly come from behind the listening position. Perception of effects and tiny details are deepened. Vocals are centered yet tucked to the back of your head, giving them space while gluing them into the mix.

64 Audio Fourte Blanc


  • T6061 Kaiser Aluminum Shell, anodized for hardness and electrical insulation
  • Dynamic Low Frequencies now tuned with proprietary new system ensuring lower distortion and more linear behavior
  • 27 Gauge Cardas Grade 1 (Ultra) Low-Eddy Copper used for Low Driver wiring
  • Mundorf Supreme Solder used throughout
  • Packaged with our 3.5mm Pearl Premium Cable. Also, packaged separately, a custom
  • 4.4mm Shielded Silver-Core Cable, made with fully custom-machined hardware
  • Patented Apex technology
  • Patented full tia system
  • 0.3 Ohms Total Impedance
  • Pure Silver Shield
  • Silver Plate OFC 6 x 6 x 1
  • Pure Silver Center Wire
  • Balanced 4.4mm Termination
  • White Ceramic Coating
  • Custom Machined Hardware

Dynamic Driver Upgrade

The acoustical low-pass filter used in Fourté’s LF driver was originally designed as an inertance filter using an aluminum (previously Kapton) membrane. Our redesigned filter is a high precision textile mesh material which reduces distortion by half and improves linearity in Fourté Blanc. This is due, in part, to the reduction of back pressure on the driver and quelling of all turbulence effects between the filter and driver cone. The measured improvement is so significant that we’ll see this trickling down into our other hybrid products like Nio, N8, and the original Fourté.

T6061 Kaiser Aluminum Shell

Kaiser Aluminum Corporation is an American aluminum producer making aluminum mill products for the most technically demanding applications like the aerospace industry. Their T6061 aluminum alloy was chosen for Blanc’s shell because of its corrosion resistance, strength, machining characteristics and excellent appearance after anodizing.

Shielded Cable

In addition to our 3.5mm Pearl Premium Cable, Blanc includes an exclusive new 4.4mm Balanced Shielded Silver-Core Cable. The pure silver shield acts as a Faraday cage effective against electric fields while reflecting electromagnetic radiation and reducing interference from outside noise onto the signal. Our purist pursuit led us to deploy this new wire topology along with fully custom-machined hardware that cannot be found anywhere else.

64 Audio Fourte Blanc



  • 3 precision balanced armature drivers
  • 1 dynamic driver

Transducer Configuration

  • 1 tia high
  • 1 high-mid
  • 1 tia mid
  • 1 dynamic low
  • Integrated 4-way passive crossover


  • Frequency Response: 5Hz – 22kHz
  • Sensitivity: 114db @1kHZ @1mw
  • Impedance: 10Ω @1kHz
  • Isolation: -20dB Internal apex technology


  • 0.23 Ohms total impedance
  • 7 x 7 x 4 Multi-twist
  • Silver plated OCC copper wire
  • 26 AWG

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    Customer Reviews

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    Stephen Beaudoin
    All Around Bliss

    I have always been an Empire Ears person, and I still am....but the 64 Audio Fourte Blanc is amazing. It is up to the quality of my Evo's or Wraith. In fact, I think it surpasses the Wraith in all balance. It presents sound so clearly and distinctly. There is a separate area for the instruments in such a way, that it surprises me constantly. I always view an upgrade as successful, when I want to hear all my music all over again. The Fourte Blanc's do that for me. I also paired it with a substantial upgrade to a Electech Ode to Laura -- and it is just magic. I am totally impressed!

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