Kinera Freya 2.0 front quarter over white background
Kinera Freya 2.0 retail box over white background
Kinera Freya 2.0 extreme closeup faceplate over blue background
Kinera Freya 2.0 front closeup with attached stock cable over black background
Kinera Freya 2.0 single earphone front closeup with attached stock cable over black background
Kinera Freya 2.0 extreme closeup 4.4mm termination and cable
Kinera Freya 2.0 stock eartips over included case

Kinera Freya 2.0 | Hybrid Dynamic + BA Universal IEMs

Regular price$269.00

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Inspired by Norse Mythological Beauty and Elegance, Freya 2.0 Combines IEM Aesthetics with a Balanced but Bold Tuning

  • Hybrid Dynamic + Balance Armature driven earphones
  • Beautiful, transparent blue-gradient shell base with delicate texture
  • Characterized by textured bass response / extension with dense and clear mids and highs
  • Top-tier overall package and unboxing experience for the price
  • Modular cable with 3.5mm + 4.4mm terminations

Kinera Freya 2.0 banner highlighting retail package

Introducing Freya 2.0

Freya is a goddess in Norse mythology associated with love, beauty, war, gold, and magic, and is the inspiration for Kinera's fresh sequel. The design is one of dynamism and delicacy featuring a transparent resin and blue-hued gradient and intricate white texture creating a vibrant wind and falling snow visual. The magic behind the new Freya is the hybrid quad-driver design that delivers an upgraded tuning with highlighted bass response and a focus on the extraction of sound texture. The overall package and presentation is bold for its price point and features a premium cable with modular terminations of both 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced options.

Kinera's Freya 2.0 is fresh take on an established UIEM from a brand growing in popularity!

Freya 2 faceplate extreme closeup highlighting blue hue and glitter

Shell Design

Freya 2.0's housing is made of transparent resin with a reverse coating, creating a blue-hued gradient with intricate white textures. Multiple layers overlap, creating a dynamic and vibrant visual effect reminiscent of flowing wind and falling snow. Delicate specks of glitter are carefully applied in empty spaces, resembling the crystalline voice of a divine maiden singing solemn and mysterious hymns amidst the snow, penetrating the heart in the direction of the wind and snow.

Kinera Freya 2 earphones with attached stock cable over gold-trimmed plates

Hybrid Quad-driver Design

Freya 2.0 features a hybrid quad-driver design, consisting of (x1) Dynamic driver and (x3) Balanced Armatures. It utilizes a custom 7mm Dynamic driver from Kinera for the low-frequency range, delivering a more authentic and immersive audio experience. The mid-frequency range employs (x2) Knowles Balanced Armatures, providing strong density and presence. The high-frequency range incorporates a single custom Kinera Balanced Armature driver, ensuring transparent, clear, and textured sound reproduction. This combination allows for a seamless integration of different frequency ranges with impactful bass, strong mid-frequency density, and clear, detailed high frequencies, resulting in a high-quality listening experience.

Kinera Freya 2 internal components explosion


The main sound characteristic of Freya 2.0 is textured bass response with good extension. The mid and high frequencies exhibit a sense of density and clarity, with prominent linearity and good penetration. The soundstage has a certain sense of scale, with a pleasing atmospheric quality. Freya 2.0's tuning would be a great fit for those who prefer pop and electronic music.

The tuning upgrade focuses on extracting the texture of sound. The original Freya featured a bold and powerful sound, inspired the passion and fighting spirit of the Valkyrie. Freya 2.0 carefully integrates Knowles's Balanced Armature technology in the high-frequency range. It not only eliminates the excessive aggressiveness in the high frequencies of traditional Chinese driver units, but also upgrades the high frequencies to a more exquisite texture. Like a refined wine, it sheds the initial sourness and undergoes a remarkably subtle chemical reaction, improving the taste and achieving greater harmony and balance, ushering in a new level of quality!

Kinera Freya 2 frequency graph


  • Drivers: (x1) 7mm DD + (x3) Knowles BA
  • Impedance: 20Ω
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz
  • Cable
    • 4 core Litz Alloy Copper
    • Gold-plated Copper plugs
    • Diameter: 1.3mm/core
    • Strands: 16*7 strands of 0.06mm*4 core
    • Aluminum Alloy oxidation

In the Box

  • Freya 2.0 IEMs
  • Designer case
  • 4' cable
  • 3.5mm and 4.4mm modular terminations
  • Final Type E eartips x5 (SS/S/M/L/LL)
  • K-07 balanced eartips x3 (S/M/L)
  • 221 vocal eartips x3 (S/M/L)

Kinera Freya 2.0 retail box with all accessories

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