History, Technology and Craftsmanship

    Bloom Audio is proud to offer premium audio products from beyerdynamics. Everything beyerdynamic is doing right now and in the future is based on the company's history spanning almost 100 years. This is truly unique, and this wonderful history of music, sound, and communication is the story of beyerdynamic brimming with exciting experiences, inspiring encounters, and enthralling insights. Beyerdynamic feels at home amongst those who have the highest standards.

    Nothing excites beyerdynamic more than new features, improvements, innovative developments, and inventions. As such, they always have their eyes and ears firmly fixed on the qualitative output and input of music, sound, and communication.

    Most of beyerdynamic's new developments, designs, and products originate in Germany. Over 400 highly qualified employees make the products, most of which are handcrafted yielding outstanding quality and extremely high regard. A sense of appreciation from those who "really know their stuff" is very important to them.


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