DITA Audio Project M side closeup over white background
DITA Audio Project M left earphone closeup over white background
DITA Audio Project M right earphone closeup with attached stock cable over white background
DITA Audio Project M 3.5 and 4.4 connectors over white background
DITA Audio Project M extreme closeup with attached coiled, stock cable
DITA Audio Project M extreme closeup with attached coiled, stock cable over brown leather
DITA Audio Project M with attached coiled stock cable inside open TANOS case over white background
DITA Audio Project M right earphone closeup with connected eartip over black background
DITA Audio Project M single earphone extreme closeup with attached coiled, stock cable

DITA Audio Project M | Hybrid Dynamic + BA Universal IEMs

Regular price$325.00

DITA Audio logo black

DITA Audio Introduces Project M, its First Resin-based, Hybrid Dynamic + BA Universal Earphone

  • Hybrid arrangement featuring DITA PM1+ Dynamic driver and Knowles 33518 BA
  • Boasts full-range sound with clarity, speed, and punchy bass
  • Comes with TANOS® Systainer® Carry Case
  • Includes MOCCA cable with Cardas Copper conductors and both 4.4mm and 3.5mm modular plugs

DITA Project M earphones over instruction sheet showing logo and name on wood table

Bloom's Take

If you’re the type of audiophile that doesn’t need the most expensive IEM on the market, and you have no qualms about finding your IEM apex with a more mid-tier grab, DITA Audio’s Project M presents a compelling case to be your IEM at $325 with its balanced sound signature and captivating aesthetics. Project M is immediately alluring with its packaging and inside, you’re greeted with a helpful and creative accessory kit along with the resin-based, transparent, gorgeous earphones. Project M is amongst the most attractive IEMs we’ve seen in its price point, presenting as a much more expensive in-ear.

Project M walks a fine line between technically resolving and tonally pleasing, making for a thoughtful but engaging listen. You get weighty, sub bass-focused lows, sweet, prominent, polished mids, and controlled highs that invoke brilliance and resolution. The cherry on top is its excellent staging and imaging characteristics.

Summarily, Project M challenges you to “Know Thyself”: if you want Summit-Fi, budget-busting sound that will cost you to get it, it’s probably not your answer. But if you know where you are in the hobby and are looking for a highly versatile and well-balanced listen without climbing the bank-breaking mountain, Project M is a darn-good choice for a “Wow, these are surprisingly incredible” experience.

Check out the full review here.

DITA Presents Project M

DITA introduces its first resin-based, hybrid earphone, Project M. Its physical appearance departs from previous designs, taking a more ergonomic form factor that's at once familiar, yet uniquely DITA. Project M is a hybrid arrangement that consists of DITA’s all-new PM1+ Dynamic Driver and Balanced Armature driver. As with all of DITA’s pieces, Project M aims to be something that can be kept and enjoyed for a long time. It will be backed by a 10 year parts or replacement availability that speaks to DITA’s commitment to stability, long term viability, and re-sale value.

DITA Project M with attached coiled stock cable and plant

A New Driver Concept

Project M features DITA Audio’s newly developed, custom-built PM1+ 9.8mm dynamic driver. The main engine behind the sound, the PM1+ is responsible for the texture and characteristics behind the M’s signature. The driver itself boasts a full-range sound with clarity, speed and punchy bass.

The PM1+ driver performs best with additional technology, leading to an augmentation of Project M’s soundstage with its single Knowles BA driver. Both drivers are housed in a highly optimized stainless-steel chamber, and sound is projected through a custom molded transfer tube terminating in an aluminum nozzle.

3 thumbnails DITA Project M internal components

MOCCA / CARDAS Custom-Built Cable 

Keeping with DITA's tradition of custom-building cables for every earphone, Project M is equipped with the MOCCA cable that utilizes conductors made by Cardas in the USA. It's constructed with 16 strands of Cardas conductors per cable, twisted to DITA's specifications, and jacketed in a flexible PVC outer layer. The cable also comes equipped with DITA's APV2, future-proofing the Project M for use in the modern listener's ever-evolving rig.

2 thumbnails DITA Project M stock cable and modular plugs

Acoustic FEA is used in close conjunction with a series of both objective tests and subjective listening experiences to produce a sound tube profile that is optimized for Project M’s dynamic driver. This continues the DITA ethos of delivering a coherent, full range experience largely based on 2 channel systems.

This entire assembly is finally encased in a slow pour, transparent resin mix, resulting in the earpiece’s elegant, intriguing visuals. The resulting sound is one that bears all the hallmarks of a DITA product, positioned in a new, attractive price bracket.

DITA Project M closeup with detached coiled stock cable and modular tips

Mini Systainer Carry Case by Tanos

In a nod to Project M's minimal industrial aesthetics, each unit comes with its own Systainer Carry Case, made by Tanos for DITA Audio.

Each case comes with custom-made silicon inserts for protecting both the case and the cables during shipping and before purchase. Feel free to remove the top and bottom case linings post-purchase. Both inserts are molded to the Tanos Case, but DITA added two pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom lining for extra security (easily removed if desired.)

DITA Project M open retail box highlighting TANOS case


  • Configuration: (x1) PM1+ Dynamic (9.8mm) + (x1) Knowles 33518 BA
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW @1 kHz
  • MOCCA cable
    • Cardas grade 1 ultra-pure Copper conductors
    • Equipped with AP v2
    • Includes 4.4mm Balanced and 3.5mm SE plugs
  • DITA Audio 1 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • DITA Project M IEMs
  • MOCCA Cable
  • TANOS Case
  • Warranty Card
  • Eartips assorted

DITA Project M with retail box, paperwork and included accessories

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gorgeous and they sound fantastic

This is a beautiful pair with great technicalities and a bright yet well balanced sound signature. The included cable and case are very nice. I'd say these are pretty competitive for their price. Also, Bloom Audio's customer service is fantastic.

Reverend Eslam
End-game earphones for the budget-conscious audiophile!

DISCLAIMER: Although I did not buy these from Bloom Audio, I did audition them for a full day, and decided to type this review as a small favour to Stephen Kostas, the Bloom sales agent who kindly provided much-needed assistance to me when I received a dud amplifier earlier this year (2024), not to mention the fact that the DITA simply astonished me, as you will read.

DITA is a Singaporean company but there is no mention in or on the packaging of where their products are actually manufactured. Only their Singaporean address is mentioned but not the phrase "Made in...". The cable, as far as I can ascertain is made by Cardas in the USA (although it is also possible that DITA simply fabricated the cables from Cardas bulk stock, at their own production facility in Singapore/China). The "M" in "Project M" is the initial of "Michael", a teenage audiophile in the Lion City ("Singapore" is a Sanskrit term for "Lion City") who was drawn to the DITA brand several years back and eventually joined their team. Most of their line-up consist of high-end models (around the USD$2,000 mark). Previously, I auditioned The Answer, Truth Edition earphone for a few minutes and liked the bass especially, although, to be fair, it was in a busy pizzaria, so I wouldn't presume to give any conclusive remarks regarding the sound quality of those.

Firstly, let me get the negatives out of the way (the relatively TRIVIAL flaws, mind you). The case, although a well-made German case from Tanos (known for their stackable tool boxes, I later came to learn), cannot easily accommodate both the cable and the earpieces. The second problem is that the cable does not feature a neck cinch, although, to be honest, I did not miss using one in the case of the DITA, as they stayed in the ears better than any other IEM I've ever used (by far!). Finally, the included eartips (Final Audio tips, from Japan), although very attractive (they glow in the dark!) and colour-matched to the earpieces, are not the best for attaining sufficient bass response.

Starting with the first positive remark about the Project M, the bass response is actually amazing, once a proper seal has been achieved. One head-fi.com review gave the DITA a wholely negative review for the aforementioned reason (stock tips not sealing well). If only he had a pair of FiiO HS18 eartips on hand, he would have realized just how wrong he was in this respect! Perhaps the MOST amazing fact about the bass is that one can actually adjust the bass quantity simply by moving the earpieces in and out of the ear canals. But wait, isn't that true of any IEM? Yes, but with other earphones, if you push-in the earpieces too far, they will hurt, whilst if you pull-out the earpieces too far, they will fall out. With the Project M, there is an "enormous" distance (comparative to other models) that one can position the tips while still keeping them secure in the ears. In my case, if I push-in the pieces as far as I do any other (non-Sennheiser) IEM, I get decent bass, but if I then pull them out a couple of millimeters I get a perfect bass response (and of course, a perfectly-comfortable fit - can easily wear them all day long!). In short, these are by far the most comfortable in-ear monitors that I have ever worn, even more than the Sennheiser IE series (of which I have either purchased or auditioned all of them, except the discontinued IE800).

The merger between the dynamic bass driver and the balanced armature treble driver is so incredibly smooth, that it sounds like a single driver. There is only one discernable flaw in the treble (like most all earphones/headphones) and that is in the hi-hat cymbal frequency range, in which there is a noticeable peak, but fortunately (at least in my case) it does not detract from the enjoyment of the music, once one's ears accommodates the problem. After all, these are a USD$325 unit, not a $3,250 unit (and even that is relatively cheap compared with the most expensive IEMs on the market).

Usually, when I audition a pair of earphones, I compare them with others that I have at hand but when I heard the DITA Project M, I felt no need to do this, since I immediately knew (after replacing the eartips, mind you) how impressive they sounded. My initial hearing, with the Final Audio eartips, was distinctly underwhelming, and I simply assumed that the sound I heard was their intended sound signature, since the fit was good. Again, one should understand that the fit of these IEMs is so incredibly good, that one can easily be fooled into believing that whatever tips one is using is suitable, when in fact, they may not be.

In summary, anyone who buys this product is assured of getting a first-rate pair of earphones, that should last a lifetime!

Easily 4.5 out of 5!

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