Effect Audio Ares S | Copper IEM Upgrade Cable-Bloom Audio
Effect Audio Ares S | Copper IEM Upgrade Cable-Bloom Audio
Effect Audio Ares S | Copper IEM Upgrade Cable-Bloom Audio
Effect Audio Ares S | Copper IEM Upgrade Cable-Bloom Audio
Effect Audio Ares S | Copper IEM Upgrade Cable-Bloom Audio

Effect Audio Ares S | Copper IEM Upgrade Cable

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Experience Power in your music with Effect Audio's ARES S Signature Series IEM Upgrade Cable

  • Premium Copper Litz cable
  • Presents as lush and emotive with cleaner, more detailed sound
  • Features Effect Audio's ConX™ Interchangeable Connector
  • Proprietary Dual Geometric Design

Ares S, Greatness of POWER

Named for the Greek God of War, the Ares S copper cable from Effect Audio brings forth an immense sense of POWER in your music. Featuring a proprietary dual geometric design, it showcases an enhanced sound characterized by a warm vocal that is mesmerizing and alluring. With an improved frequency response, the Ares presents itself as a lush and emotive cable that is cleaner and more detailed.

Effect Audio Ares S Cable Press Photo

Signature Series by Effect Audio

The tri-factor focus for the Signature Series revolves around Sound, Material, and Design.

For the Signature Series, Effect Audio is putting their brand out there as a testament to great sound. Over the years, many brands have emerged, but EA is eager to confidently show that with their experience, they have what it takes to provide exceptional value while pushing the limits to exceed sonic expectations for an entry level upgrade cable.

With the aforementioned dedication to sound in mind, EA has committed to use only top grade materials. Applying the lessons learned from the EA flagship models along with industry experience gained over the years, EA is able to design new cable geometries and structures to achieve audio quality worthy of Effect Audio's stamp of approval.

Endeavoring to stretch value even further to customers, EA has proudly designed a custom Y-Split and Termination just for the Signature Series. From the intricacy of the polished / brushed aluminum mix to the raw beauty of the Forged Carbon Fibre, the design team spared no expense in creating an aesthetic that is a feast for the eyes.

Effect Audio Signature Series


  • Selected Premium UP-OCC Copper Litz
  • EPO* 24 AWG 4 Wires
  • EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
  • ConX ™ Interchangeable Connector (MMCX comes with 2-Pin as well)
  • Rhodium Plated Brass Straight Type Plug

* Ergonomic Performance Optimization: creates outstanding flexibility and maneuverability without quality compromise for ideal and comfortable fit for extended listening.

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Customer Reviews

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High Value, Great Quality

At twenty-four gauge by four wires, the copper cable imparts physical integrity yet is lightweight and woven such that it can drape easily. I forget it is there while using it. Sound is flawless and build quality is perfect. I am using the MMCX connectors and they form a tight, solid bond with my SE846 monitors. They inspire more confidence than the stock Shure cable. The Ares S cable is very attractive as well. Finally - the best for last - the terminal connector is unequivocally the nicest I have seen or used on any audio cable of any termination.

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