Meze Liric 2 front quarter over white background
Meze Liric 2 front over white background
Meze Liric 2 profile over white background
Meze Liric 2 high angle over vinyl jacket
Meze Liric 2 extreme closeup earcup
Meze Liric 2 front quarter on headphone stand with warm dramatic lighting
Meze Liric 2 bottom quarter over forest background

Meze Liric II (2nd Generation) | Closed-Back Isodynamic Hybrid Headphones

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Experience the Evolution of Meze Audio's Legendary Closed-Back Isodynamic Headphone, Liric II

  • Closed-back Isodynamic hybrid planar headphones
  • Award-winning MZ4 Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver with enhanced Phase-X™ system for superb imaging
  • Features Macassar ebony wood ear cups for warmth and aesthetics
  • Lightweight magnesium frame and stainless steel headband
  • Robust build quality, supreme durability and comfort
  • Features detachable, magnetic earpads with padded cushions for optimal airflow
  • Includes 4.2' premium Copper 4.4mm upgrade cable and 9.8' soft TPE 3.5mm cable

Meze Liric 2 with attached copper cable on butcher block stool

Bloom's Take

When Meze launched the OG Liric, it was one of few high-end closed-back planar magnetic headphones on the street, and at $2K, it was nicely situated between flagship closed-backs like the Focal Stellia, and a growing number of options in the $1K range. It brought with it the hallmarks of Meze’s build and design fundamentals, but didn’t quite equal the wow factor of the Empyrean or Elite.

Enter Liric 2. With new Macassar ebony wood cups and updates to the sound and technical performance, the next evolution of the Liric captures the spirit of Meze more than the original. With its magnetic removable pads, warmer sound, extraordinary stereo imaging, and visual enhancements, it’s not just a better version of Liric, it’s simply a better Meze Headphone.

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The Art of Evolution

Liric, Meze's closed-back isodynamic headphone, is turning the page on a new chapter, enhancing its essence while introducing a richer sound and refined tuning. Macassar ebony wood adorns the earcups, an invitation to connect with Mother Nature's warmth. Merging form with function, the earpads have been re-engineered for effortless maintenance, now adopting a detachable magnetic design.

human holding and inspecting Meze Liric 2

Tuned Up
The sound of the LIRIC has been refined with the help of the community’s feedback, and it now falls in between a balanced and warm profile. This means you get a mix of clear and accurate audio, with a touch of warmth for added depth.

Meze Liric and Liric 2 side by side profiles on headphone stands

A Feeling of Warmth
Coming from a tradition of Maramures craftsmanship, the design language of the Gen 1 LIRIC was preserved with added warmth via the introduction of wood. Macassar ebony was the right fit, a heavy, dense, aesthetic hardwood known for its deep, rich brown color.

Meze Liric extreme driver closeup highlighting QWRM mask

The Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask is a precision-crafted metal component that strategically covers select openings in the driver frame, to effectively attenuate high-frequency peaks above 7kHz for a less fatiguing listening experience.

Designed for Life

In the spirit of natural evolution, LIRIC joins the Meze Audio family of products with detachable magnetic earpads. This ultimately translates into enhanced reliability and serviceability, characteristics of which music enthusiasts worldwide have grown accustomed.

x2 thumbnails, human removing detachable earpad from Liric 2 and copper cable closeup

Quality in Every Aspect

Meze's hand-braided copper cable now serves as the stock cable for LIRIC II. Efforts have been focused towards enhancing the listening experience, offering a 4.4mm termination premium cable suitable for most portable headphone amplifiers, as well as a 9.8' soft TPE cable with a 3.5mm jack, ideal for home headphone setups.

Robust and Supremely Comfortable

To the already optimal blend of materials comes the striped ebony wood, solidifying LIRIC’s role in the world as a refined work of art. Gradual development was the key to achieving this formidable fusion of leather, wood, and metal. The new build is just as flexible and resistant to shock, wear, and oxidation.

The effect of this premium selection echoes across multiple senses: a lightweight, lovely-to-the-touch, easily adjustable headphone that will stand the test of time for generations.

Meze Liric 2 high angle on cherry headphone stand

Award Winning Driver

Reinforced polymer housing designed to withstand the demanding 10,7N load generated by the Hybrid Magnet Array.

Weighing only 0.08g with a large active area of 3507mm2.

Symmetrically placed on either side of the diaphragm, neodymium magnets are arranged into a Hybrid Array to create a 0.3 Tesla Isodynamic magnetic field required for a uniform activation across the whole diaphragm surface.

Meze Rinaro MZ4 driver explosion

THD measures under 0.15% in the whole frequency range.

71g combined driver weight designed to create a headphone that offers comfortable listening on the go.

Improved ambience and spatial sound imaging through innovative technology.
Patent pending.

Upper frequency limit of audio reproduction is 92,000 Hz.

100dB@1mw/1kHz | 30Ω. Can be driven by almost any portable source without amplification.

One of the most sophisticated and advanced planar magnetic technologies in the world has been scaled down for portable use. Patented in US, EU, China and other countries.

driver thumbnails highlighting Rinaro design and airflow

Dual-Driven System

The MZ4 driver combines individual switchback and spiral shaped voice coils within the same diaphragm allowing sound to be targeted with more accuracy around the natural form of the ear, for a more selective performance.

Using this combination allows the headphone to achieve an increased exposure of direct sound wave frequencies over the 10kHz range, as well as improved imaging and localization, by decreasing the impact of short-wave time delays caused by diffused field reflections.

The switchback coil is more efficient at reproducing lower frequencies and is positioned in the upper part of the driver.

The spiral coil is more efficient at reproducing middle-high frequencies and is positioned directly over the ear canal, enabling more direct sound waves to enter the ear without time delays.

Phase-X™ Immersive Spatial Sound Imaging

An innovation to the MZ4 driver is the Phase-X™ system created by Rinaro as a way to minimize phase distortion issues typically found in closed-back headphone designs. This patent-pending technology helps deliver immersive spatial sound imaging.

Phase-X™ improves the accuracy of spatial imaging, in line with its open-back counterparts, especially noticeable on binaural recordings.

Meze / Rinaro Phase-X system diagram



  • Driver Type: Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array
  • Enclosure: Closed-back
  • Ear Coupling: Circumaural
  • Frequency Response: 4 - 92,000Hz
  • Impedance: 61Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL @1kHz, 1mW
  • Maximum SPL: > 130 dB
  • THD: <0.15%
  • Weight: 427g
  • Meze Audio 2 Year Warranty

MZ4 Details

  • Geometrical Shape: Ovoid
  • Size: 92mm x 63mm
  • Driver Weight: 71g
  • Casing: Fiberglass reinforced polymer
  • Diaphragm Type: Rinaro Isoplanar® MZ4
  • Active Area: 3507 mm2
  • Diaphragm Weight: 0.08g
  • Acoustic Mass: 6.5kg/m4
  • Lower Frequency Limit: 4 Hz
  • Upper-Frequency Limit: 92,000 Hz

In the Box

  • Premium PU leather box with foam inserts
  • Hard EVA pouch with velvet lining
  • 4.2' premium Copper 4.4mm balanced upgrade cable
  • 9.8' soft TPE 3.5mm cable
  • 6.3mm gold-plated adapter
  • Airplane jack adapter

Meze Liric 2 with case and all included accessories

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Customer Reviews

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Lawrence S Mariani

Excellent build quality . The sound is a bit too “warm” perhaps

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