Campfire Audio Fathom | Aluminum-Body Balanced Armature Earphone
Campfire Audio Fathom | Aluminum-Body Balanced Armature Earphone
Campfire Audio Fathom | Aluminum-Body Balanced Armature Earphone
Campfire Audio Fathom | Aluminum-Body Balanced Armature Earphone
Campfire Audio Fathom | Aluminum-Body Balanced Armature Earphone

Campfire Audio Fathom | Aluminum-Body Balanced Armature Earphone

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Dive into the Depths of Fathom, Campfire Audio's New Sleek Balanced Armature Earphone and the Culmination of a Decade of Experience

  • Machined aluminum body anodized in a sleek, black, bright-dip with rainbow PVD fasteners
  • (x6) custom-made Balanced Armatures for a detailed and glowing musical experience
  • Includes (x2) Silver-plated Time Stream cables in 3.5mm + 4.4mm terminations
  • Includes handmade leather case, Jr. Breezy Bag, and 2-pocket Micro Breezy Bag
  • Meticulously designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon, USA

Campfire Fathom front shells over psychedelic background

Fathom: World-Class Precision and Performance

Experience the culmination of nearly a decade of experience in the tuning and refinement of an all Balanced Armature IEM. Fathom takes the long legacy of Campfire’s world-class precision and technical performance to its peak with a new six-BA internal architecture.

Utilizing a new dual mid-driver assembly, Fathom creates astounding richness, texture, and elevation to vocal performance, sharing every emotive detail from the artist to the listener. Paired with custom dual low and high Balanced Armature, Fathom offers top-to-bottom precision, detail, and resolution.

Campfire Fathom front view with cable and case

By focusing on the accuracy and detail of each note, from the lowest bass to the highest treble, Fathom aims to bring you closer to the music you love. This approach ensures a listening experience that is both immersive and authentic, suitable for a wide variety of musical genres.

This precision and detail-oriented sonic approach is mirrored externally by Fathom’s sleek, ergonomic machined aluminum housing. A re-engineering of CFA's classic faceted aluminum housing, this shell offers incredible ergonomics, resilience, and style. Fathom’s sleek, black bright-dip anodizing is contrasted with its rainbow PVD fastener rings and MMCX capture, giving it a touch of bold excitement.

Campfire Fathom closeup on wooden table


Expansive Soundstage. Immerse yourself in a live concert experience wherever you go.

Vivid Sound. Hear your music in rich, new vibrant tones that bring every track to life.

Effortless Connectivity. Plug into any device with ease and experience pure, uninterrupted sound with the 2 Time Stream metal cables.

Luxury On-the-Go. Carry a touch of elegance with stylish, handcrafted leather case.

Sonic Craftsmanship. Feel the passion for precision in every note with earphones crafted for the purest audio journey.

Campfire Fathom internal components explosion

New 6 Balanced Armature Architecture

Fathom is equipped with (x6) custom-made Balanced Armature drivers, each designed with a specific role in mind. The configuration includes dual custom high-definition super tweeters for crisp, clear highs, a pair of custom mid-range drivers for accurate vocal and instrument reproduction, and dual custom BA woofers for rich, balanced bass. This setup is meticulously engineered to deliver precise sound reproduction across the entire frequency range.

Campfire Fathom frequency graph

Phase Harmony Engineering

CFA's Phase Harmony Engineering allows for the segmentation of the frequency spectrum and their assignment to specific drivers, allowing them to apply strengths to the appropriate areas. Using a combination of precision-engineered driver housings and shell geometry, coupled with custom damping values, the tuning and response of the drivers can be physically shaped along with the enhancement of driver interaction. This driver-to-driver interaction is crucial to eliminating points of potential phase cancellation and creating the intangibles that don’t show on a frequency response curve: imaging, separation, resolution, and soundstage.


In the Box

  • Campfire Audio Fathom earphones
  • Handmade Dimension folding Leather case w/ rainbow carabiner
  • Breezy Bags (Jr. + Micro 2-pocket IEM)
  • (x2) 'Time Stream' Cables: 3.5mm + 4.4mm Balanced
  • Marshmallow + Silicon tips

Campfire Fathom earphones with retail box and included accessories

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