Final Audio ZE8000 black earphones 3 quarter right over white background
Final Audio ZE8000 black earphones (x3) front, rear, and side over black background
Final Audio ZE8000 black earphones  with case over black background
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Final Audio ZE8000 white earphones 3 quarter right over white background
Final Audio ZE8000 white earphones 3 quarter right over black background
Final Audio ZE8000 white earphones 3 quarter rear over black background

Final ZE8000 | True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones

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Final Audio's ZE8000 TWS Sets a New Standard for a Completely Wireless Earphone

  • HiFi True-Wireless IEM with 8K Sound
  • Customized footprint for maximum comfort
  • Enhanced ANC technology with 4 separate listening modes
  • Custom EQ and precise volume control using Final CONNECT app
  • IPX4 Life Waterproof compatible
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 with SBC, AAC, Qualcomm aptX, and aptX Adaptive codecs

Final Audio ZE8000 earphones on metal stair rail from Bloom Audio gallery

Bloom's Take

In a world of AirPod Pros and sleek TWS options that look just like IEMs without the wires, ZE8000 certainly stands out. We've heard some chatter that Final Audio was losing some of their innovative edge as they moved more into the wireless headphone space. But ZE8000’s incredible performance eliminates any such concerns and demonstrates they’ve taken that same innovative spirit from their over-ear headphones and applied it here. ZE8000 is a combination of tech and design that elevates TWS performance to the next level. Simply put, these are excellent sounding TWS earphones and one of the current best on the street when it comes to superior sound quality.

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An Irresistible Music Experience On-The-Go

With Final Audio's "8K SOUND", separated battery and circuit board for improved comfort and fit, ANC that does not adversely affect the sound, and customizable listening modes and volume control, the ZE8000 realizes all the important and practical functions that most TWS owners would want in their go-to wireless earphone. And there's no going back.

8K Sound

In video standards, 8K is the next generation. There is increased display information with such high definition at 16x the number of pixels over the current standard, resulting in an overwhelmingly high quality video.

The same is true for sound quality tuning. With 8K SOUND, by thoroughly increasing the amount of information in the sound, you can feel the texture of the original sound as intended and feel what was previously unnoticed.

You'll Forget You're Wearing Them

The comfort of wearing earphones is determined by the size of the portion that enters into the ear. Completely wireless earphones tend to be bulky because the battery and circuit board are housed inside the housing. Wearing such earphones presses the ears from the inside and accumulates fatigue. The ZE8000 has a design that separates the circuit board and battery from the portion that attaches to the ear in order to make that part as small as possible.

Final Audio ZE8000 TWS inserted into human ear

True ANC and Unique Listening Modes

General ANC typically has unwanted effects on playback sound such as time delays, low frequency muffling, and pressure-induced "ANC sickness."

There are 3 listening modes in addition to the default ANC:

  • Wind cut mode: reduces "wind blowing sound" noise caused by wind hitting the microphone on earphone body.
  • While listening mode: music playback volume remains the same, but you can hear sounds around you. Eliminates unnaturalness of loud sounds such as footsteps, and is a natural sound capture function. Enjoy music as background music while checking ambient sounds during running or working.
  • Voice through mode: Automatically lowers music playback volume to make it easier to hear surrounding sounds. This is effective when temporarily listening to outside sounds such as train announcements. Talk without taking off earphones.

Under the Hood

In order to realize 8K SOUND and implement more accurate oscillation, Final has newly developed an ultra-high precision and ultra-low distortion driver "f-CORE for 8K SOUND." A large-diameter diaphragm equivalent to a unique diameter of 13mm is fixed via special silicone without adhesive. An adhesive-free manufacturing method achieves a lightweight diaphragm with high precision.

Also, equipped with an AB class amp, not only is the distortion of the music signal reduced, but the SNR is also improved so you can experience improved attack from silence. In addition, the amp output section is equipped with a thin film polymer multilayer capacitor (PMLCAP), a more expensive but higher quality solution to suppress amp distortion.

Final Audio ZE8000 shell removed revealing internal components


  • Communication: Bluetooth® 5.2
  • Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC, Qualcomm® aptX™ Snapdragon Sound™, aptX™ Adaptive
  • Playback Time: Up to 5 hours | Case included: Up to 15 hours
  • Rapid Charging Playback Time: 45 minutes of music in 5 minutes
  • Charge Time: earphone body: about 1.5 hours | charging case: about 2 hours
  • Microphone: (x2) "Beam-Forming" microphones
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4
  • Smartphone Control: Final CONNECT app, iOS | Android
  • Final ZE8000 User Manual
  • Final Audio 1 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • Charging Case
  • Final ZE8000 Eartips: SS/S/M/L/LL
  • USB Type C Charging Cable
  • Acoustic jig
  • Dust Filter

Final Audio ZE8000 earphones with case from Bloom Audio gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ryan Abramow
Best In Ear Bluetooth

These things are dynamite. The sound stage is truly incredible. Honestly the rivals and probably tops the Sennheiser in ears and makes forget about over ear headphones and the need for dacs or amps. Highly recommend!

John kerrigan
Great if you havent tried the Noble FoKus Mystiques

Out of the box these are very slick and well executed from a design standpoint. Easy pairing and connecting to the app.

That’s about as far as my praise goes. The sound is good, but not great. I like to have a little airiness to the vocals, but in the ZE8000’s they fall flat and sound distant. The in app EQ is also useless. I could barely hear any difference from the adjustments I made, and it only lets you adjust +/- 3dbs for any frequency. I suppose they are tuned for true "audiophile" listening, but the sound profile isn’t for me. Also, for $350 I should be able to blow my eardrums out if I want to, and these just do not get loud enough.

I'm sticking with the Noble FoKus Mystiques I bought a few weeks ago which are the same price. They may a bit behind the ZE8000s in terms of feature set (no ANC, no IPX rating, etc.) but the customization they offer through the in-app EQ and their overall sound profile makes them a better product (10 frequency bands all adjustable +/- 12dbs should make anyone happy). The hearing test you can have done via the Noble app is pretty neat as well. It tests what frequencies you can hear on the earbuds, and then suggests a preset EQ adjustment based on your results.

The Nobles also feel more premium and worthy of their price tag. The metal charging case is solid and heavy and the earbuds themselves feel a lot sturdier than the ZE8000s. I’d give the ZE8000’s 5 stars if they were about $150 cheaper.

Corey Fisher
Best Bluetooth IEM

When I first got the Final ZE8000 I paired them and used them on my iPhone and I was immediately taken aback by their technical performance. Despite the bizarre look - they actually fit my ear better than pretty much any wireless IEM I have ever tried. They fit so well and are so comfy in fact, I purposely tried shaking my head wildly and they just won’t fall out - a huge deal for me because I have been waiting for a good wireless IEM that I don’t have to be careful with when I work out. My girlfriend tried them too with a much smaller ear and had the same opinion so they’re pretty universally well fitted. Anyway, the sound… I was sitting here captivated by how clear they were and how well the instrument separation was and the intimate soundstage was insane. That was before I downloaded the app and there was a firmware update available, downloaded it and enabled the “8K sound” (which is Finals branding for high resolution audio over Bluetooth) and man, these things have better technical performance than most hybrid/ trybrids. I’m not kidding either, I’ve heard them all. They simply annihilate my former Sennheiser momentum 2022 IEMs and they are miles higher in sound quality than pretty much all major brands like Sony and Apple. Noise cancellation isn’t the best I’ve heard, but it’s not a slouch. It has really good noise cancellation that will be fine for any audiophile. It also has ambient mode so you can hear your surroundings, but your surroundings can’t hear you. They’re great. I hardly ever write reviews, so these definitely come with significant recommendation.


The sound quality doesn’t quite live up to the hype. It sounds good, but not brilliant. The app is great and call quality is top notch. But I wish it was a bit clearer sounding.

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