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HiFiMAN Susvara eye level profile over white background
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HiFiMAN Susvara extreme closeup grill
HiFiMAN Susvara extreme closeup headphone port and leather earpad

HIFIMAN SUSVARA (Latest Revision) | Endgame Planar Magnetic Open-Back Headphones

Sale price$5,999.00


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HIFIMAN Susvara is the Flagship Planar Magnetic Total Package

  • Open-back planar magnetic headphones with HIFIMAN's patented Stealth Magnets
  • Nanometer-grade diaphragm provides incredible speed and clarity
  • Unmatched headphone performance
  • Includes 6.3mm and XLR cables

Bloom's Take

The Susvara is the total package. It has crystalline detail with incredible soundstage and separation. Kick drums thump right in your ears, while snare drums have a satisfying snap, and the sub-bass frequencies rumble through your brain. Vocals are revealing and musical. Acoustic instruments sound natural and open. Horns cut through the mix without sounding sharp or harsh. Crescendos hit with power and emotion, while quiet moments are clear and personal. From pop to hard rock, and from classical to jazz, the Susvara does an incredible job of capturing every aspect of the performance.

Check out our full review.

Upgrade the stock cable with the Eletech Inferno with 3.5mm TRS connection for HIFIMAN headphones.

HiFiMAN Susvara over dark background with rotated earcups flat on table

Flagship Planar Magnetic Headphones with Stealth Magnets

SUSVARA uses "Stealth Magnet" technology to provide an acoustically transparent sound without interference from reflections and diffractions. The nanometer-grade diaphragm is under a millionth of a meter thick and works well with the stealth magnets to ensures a remarkable tonal quality and clarity with a frequency response of 6 Hz to 75 kHz and an impedance of 60Ω.

The CNC-milled metal headband is hand-polished and accommodates a wide range of head sizes with an overall weight of 15.9 oz. The replaceable asymmetrical earpads conform around the human ear, comfortably distributing the weight evenly, but with a secure and sound grip. The supplied cable is made stronger with the improved materials of crystalline copper and crystalline silver wire, which provide a wide frequency range, low signal loss, and enhanced emphasis on the low-end for quality audio reproduction. SUSVARA comes with a detachable 1/4" cable and a detachable 4-pin XLR cable.

HIFIMAN Susvara high angle over white background

Stealth Magnets

  • Advanced magnet design for acoustically transparent sound reproduction
  • In traditional designs, the magnets get in the way of the sound waves, by reflection and diffraction. This creates constructive and destructive interference; as these points shift with frequency changes, there is a mass of wave interference taking place
  • The use of “Stealth Magnets” on the SUSVARA means the sound wave reproduction can take place without the necessary magnets getting in their own way, ruining the sonic purity of their output

Nanometer Grade Diaphragm

With it's complex construction, high tensile strength, low thickness, and low mass, Susvara's diaphragm combined with HiFiMAN stealth magnet technology produces audio with remarkable tonal quality and clarity. And with a thickness under a millionth of a meter along with the gold-coating on the diaphragm's conductor, it produces low distortion levels and achieves superior dynamic response.

HiFiMAN Susvara profile highlighting grill and observable internal diaphragm

Window Shade System

  • Carefully designed outer grille offers physical protection with minimal acoustic impact
  • Crafting the grille for controlled secondary reflections avoids any unwanted vibrations
  • Acoustic subtleties remain unhindered
  • Optimized to avoid any resonant frequencies

Ergonomic Headband

  • Ergonomic and comfortable headband
  • Designed for reliability and durability
  • CNC milled
  • Hand polished

HiFiMAN Susvara top quarter highighting headband


  • Single crystalline copper wire combined with a single crystalline silver wire
  • Special composition ratio and quantity of the materials ensures low resistance in the signal transmission
  • High mechanical strength for daily use

Asymmetrical Earpads

  • Asymmetrical design conforms around the human ear
  • Comfortable distribution of weight evenly
  • Secure sound grip
  • Gently beveled pads
  • Contoured molding to the user's head
  • Provides comfort for long listening sessions


  • Frequency Response: 6Hz-75kHz
  • Impedance: 60Ω
  • Sensitivity: 83dB
  • Weight: 450g (15.9 oz)

In the Box

  • HiFiMAN SUSVARA with storage case
  • Headphone Cable with 4-Pin XLR
  • Headphone Cable with 1/4" Plug

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Inaet D.
The rumors are true

I usually don’t write reviews but, wow I mean just wow!! Yes the rumors are true. Once you hear this headphone you cannot unhear it. They are on another level, bass very controlled, mids are present, highs are clear and not harsh, soundstage is amazing as well as imaging where you can pinpoint every instrument in its own space, very fast attack response. Just truly amazing. Andrew from Bloom was awesome professional, very knowledgeable, so helpful, friendly and guided me the right way, I’m looking forward to working with him again for other gear I’m interested in, super fast shipping excellent service thank you Drew.
Happy new year 🎊🎆🥳

No Regrets.

Coming from the Arya I wasn't expecting too much of an improvement with the Susvara, but I was glad to be very wrong. The more relaxed top end was such a nice breath of fresh air that I didn't know I needed till I tried it. I thought I had heard every little detail of the songs I knew and loved, but every time I listen with the Susvara I hear something new and I love it. With such a balanced frequency response and amazing imaging, every instrument is able to be clearly picked out, and it makes dissecting complex music a joy. Extremely satisfied with my purchase, if you've got the money to throw around it's a "must try".

Jens Dietrich
The Legends Are True

I resisted the Susvara for a long time, scared off by its reputation for being one of the most power hungry headphones around. I wanted something my old Bryston BHA-1 could drive well, so instead I tried a lot of other TOTLs and even owned an Audeze LCD-5 for a while. However, I was never completely happy with any of the other TOTLs. Each one exceeded at something impressive but none were great all-rounders. The Susvara is the first headphone I have ever heard that is close to perfect on every metric. It’s impeccably detailed, its tonality is gorgeous, its timbre natural as can be, and its imaging, soundstage depth and element layering without flaw. The Arya V2 slightly beats it on soundstage width but that is slightly exaggerated, and I’d argue that the Susvara’s soundstage is more accurate to the original mix.

When I was running the Susvara off my Bryston, it already sounded utterly beautiful but was a little thin in the low end. I could tell I wasn’t quite driving it to its full potential. Once I paired it with an Enleum (the successor the the much beloved Bakoon amp) the low end filled out and the Susvara suddenly became a slamfest. I was expecting an improvement in dynamics, but I didn’t expect the Susvara to scale as impressively as it does. It seems to have no limits as to what it can do when hooked up to a powerful chain. Between the headphone and them amp I’m out over $10k, but I have zero regrets. After five years on the market, the Susvara remains the headphone to beat.

Theodore Sachs
Susvara blisd

Great headphone! Great detail, smooth sounding. Sounds great with a good system, I upgraded to the Ferrum Orr amp with Hypsos power supply, from a Burson 3xp which sounded good but not as detailed as Ferrum. Very comfortable too! Bloom Audio was great to work with!

G Rendleman

I am definitely in love with these lil beauty's. They sound amazing and I am so thankful for Bloom Audio for giving me such a wonderful experience when it came time for me to purchase these wonderful sounding headphones. I am definitely going to shop with you guys again. Next purchase....Electrostatic headphone system....thanks again guys, G

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