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Final D7000 | Open Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Final D7000 Marks a New Era in Flagship Performance Alongside Legendary D8000

  • Newly developed Pina Align Diffuser improves bass response
  • Achieves greater accuracy with more efficient AFDS
  • Earpads made from Washi Japanese paper

Final D7000 profile with attached stock cable over dark gradient background

Newly Developed “Pina Align Diffuser”

Since the initial concept of the first flagship D8000 announced in 2017, Final has continued to R&D ideas for a new flagship headphone with a different approach. After developing a driver equipped with a newly designed "Pina Align Diffuser" and a more efficient "Air Film Damping System" (AFDS), the long-awaited new flagship alongside the D8000 and D8000 Pro Edition was conceived.

AFDS uses the same principle that allows earphones sealed with an earpiece to reproduce low frequencies despite their small size. By sealing the inside of the ear pad, it is possible to reproduce bass tones further into the low frequency range, but with the bass played in a closed space similar to earphones.

In the D7000, AFDS solves the problem of the diaphragm coming into contact with the magnet, making it possible to further lower bass frequency the driver can reproduce. In combination with breathable ear pads, D7000 can provide bass reproduction with both a sense of volume and openness that was previously only possible with dynamic drivers.

Final D7000 internal driver explosion with AFDS diagram

Delicate High Range

Lightweight diaphragms are required to reproduce delicate high frequencies. The D7000 has a vibration system that is about 1/3 the weight of a dynamic type with the same diameter, and has a structure in which an extremely thin aluminum foil coil is etched into an ultra-light film diaphragm. This eliminates the need to use adhesive to bond the coil and diaphragm, fundamentally solving the problems caused by adhesives and realizing delicate high-frequency reproduction.

Combining Planar Performance with Dynamic Characteristics

By combining the delicate high range of a planar magnetic field type with the volume and open bass of a dynamic type in the D7000, you'll experience a freshness with your familiar music and a desire to re-listen over and over again. Experience excellent sound quality and touch the deepest parts of your music.

A More Efficient AFDS

For the D7000, Final has reconsidered the shape of the diaphragm's coil and punched metal, making it possible to brake the diaphragm more efficiently. In order to establish AFDS, extremely high precision is required and implemented in the aluminum-magnesium alloy machined housing.

The Pursuit of Perfection

The D series is manufactured at Final's headquarters in Kawasaki. The accuracy of product assembly depends not only on the accuracy of the parts, but also of the assembly jigs. Production jigs are designed and manufactured in-house so that slight variations in component accuracy can be fine-tuned during assembly.

Also, exclusive products for the D series have been developed, including production equipment such as the diaphragm molding machines and measuring instruments.

In order to create truly premium products, raw materials need to be harvested in close proximity to manufacturing. The great thing about products made in Japan is that cooperation from close manufacturers is easily achieved, and high quality products are consistently controlled from the sourcing of the parts (materials) to the assembly of the product.

Newly Developed Open Ear Pads

Both closed-back and open-back headphones often have sealed ear pads to extend the characteristic playback frequency in the lows that cannot typically be reproduced. However, in order to do this with the original natural spaciousness of the source, it is required that the driver unit's ability to reproduce the lows be combined with ear pads with low airtightness and ventilation. Conventional planar magnetic and general dynamic field types often lack quality low frequency extension and/or properly sealed ear pads.

In the D series, Final was able to extend the low-frequency reproduction band with AFDS, making it possible to reproduce sufficient low-frequency range even with poorly sealed ear pads using only the driver's ability. The ear pads, which heavily influence sound quality, are newly developed D-series products made of highly breathable foam and special fibers. The D7000 uses a special, durable fabric with a dry-to-the-touch Japanese paper as its surface material. The same material is also used for the headband, making it durable and resistant to moisture.

Final D7000 quarter closeup highlighting earpads over black background


  • Housing: aluminum magnesium alloy
  • Driver: AFDS planar magnetic field
  • Cable: 9.8' OFC 6.3mm
  • Sensitivity: 89dB/mW
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Weight: 15.4 oz
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

In the Box

  • Final D7000 headphones
  • Detachable OFC 6.3mm TRS 9.8' cable w/ pouch
  • Flight Case + Security key

Final D7000 in aluminum case with all accessories

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