Canton Reference 3K white 3 quarter front right no grill over white background
Canton Reference 3K black 3 quarter front right no grill over white background
Canton Reference 3K black 3 quarter front right with grill over white background
Canton Reference 3K black 3 quarter top front left no grill over white background
Canton Reference 3K black 3 quarter top front no grill over white background
Canton Reference 3K black 3 quarter front closeup logo
Canton Reference 3K black rear closeup terminals over white background

Canton Reference 3K | Passive High-End Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)

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**DISCONTINUED: The Canton Reference K Series is sold out and discontinued. Check out Canton's latest successor Reference 3 2023.

The Reference 3K Offers Everything a Hi-Fi Heart Desires: Incomparably Good Canton Sound and a Worthy Appearance

  • Stand at 47" | 3-Way Bass Reflex System | 600W
  • Tweeter: 1" | Midrange: 7.09" | Woofer: 8.66"
  • Ceramic tungsten bass drivers specially developed for a powerful performance and breathtaking bass
  • Acoustically optimized enclosure with curved walls and rounded edges ensure ideal dispersion characteristics
  • Cabinets are made of high-quality, multi-layer laminate with a complex finishing process
  • Price is per PAIR
Canton Reference 3K white front 3 quarter in white-themed cathedral


The Reference 3K ranks third in the Reference K Hierarchy. Slightly smaller and less heavy than its larger siblings, the Reference 3K nevertheless offers everything a hi-fi heart desires: the incomparably good Canton sound and a noble appearance. The heavy cabinet with perfect surface finish, the technically superior equipment and the elegant design make it unmistakably clear that the Reference 3K is a speaker of the very highest quality. In the slim 3-way speakers, the two ceramic tungsten bass drivers provide unleashed dynamics and enormous low bass. However, thanks to the low-loss wave surrounds that clamp the midrange and woofer and the superbly resolving ceramic tweeter, the Reference 3Ks also impress with their excellent fine dynamics at low volumes. The acoustically optimized enclosures with the characteristic bow shape and organically curved side walls set standards in terms of radiation behavior, stability and low resonance.

A Worthy Appearance

Canton develops and manufactures the loudspeaker systems of the Reference K Series in their factory in Weilrod in the Taunus region of Germany. This is the only way to maintain the necessary quality standards, minimize tolerances, eliminate defects, and keep the high sound requirements for their top products. The Reference 3K cabinets are made of high-quality multi-layer laminate. In an elaborate special process, the characteristic bow shape of the speaker is milled from solid material. The noble, high-gloss surface finish "Piano Finish" is applied, sanded and elaborately polished in 12 work steps. It gives the Reference 3K cabinet an overwhelming sense of depth. Acoustically optimized two-piece fabric covers, which are elegantly held in place on the baffle by magnetic fasteners, round off the elegant appearance.

Canton Reference K series black in cathedral hall

Our Best Materials

The Reference 3K benefits sonically from the solid, multi-stiffened cabinets made of multi-layer laminate, which keep sound-diminishing resonances away from the speaker drivers used. In the low and midrange, Canton uses the most technically advanced drivers. They take advantage of the excellent material properties of aluminum-ceramic cones refined with tungsten particles, which are characterized by their enormous stiffness combined with high, internal damping... all this with very low weight and extended frequency range. The excellent 1" dome tweeter with aluminum oxide ceramic diaphragm is used in the high frequency range. Sound-optimized crossover components and the highly effective base design with Bass Guide ensure the highest possible fidelity.

Canton 1" ceramic tweeter 3 quarter front over white background

The Reference 3K is equipped with a high-quality biwiring/ biamping connection terminal, allowing the low and mid-high ranges to be driven separately with different amplifiers or with specialized cables. 24k gold-plated, stable screw terminals with a capacity for cable cross-sections of up to 10mm2, ensure optimum signal transmission. The levels for the midrange and treble can be finely adjusted at the connection terminal, depending on personal preferences or room acoustic conditions.

Canton Reference 3K rear highlighting speaker terminals


    • Acoustic Principle / Resonator: 3-Way Bass reflex system
    • Radiation Direction: Downfire
    • Tweeter
      • Quantity: 1
      • Size: 1"
      • Material: Aluminum oxyd ceramic
    • Midrange
      • Quantity: 1
      • Size: 7.09"
      • Material: Aluminum ceramic tungsten (Wave-surround)
    • Woofer
      • Quantity: 2
      • Size: 8.66"
      • Material: Aluminum ceramic tungsten (Wave-surround)
    • Nominal load capacity: 350W
    • Music load capacity: 600W
    • Transmission range: 18-40000 Hz
    • Crossover frequencies: 200 / 3.000 Hz
    • Impedance: 4 / 8Ω
    • Weight: 123 lb
    • Dimensions: 13.2" x 45.3" x 19.3"
    • Canton 10-Year Warranty
    • Reference K Operating Manual

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