Effect Audio Chiron 4W cable highlighting y-split
Effect Audio Chiron 4W cable over Greek ceramic highlighting connectors
Effect Audio Chiron 4W cable closeup y-split
Effect Audio Chiron 4W cable highlighting braided wire
Effect Audio Chiron 4W cable closeup Pentaconn connector
Effect Audio Chiron case with lanyard
Effect Audio Chiron case

Effect Audio Chiron 4W | Silver-Gold Flagship IEM Upgrade Cable

Regular price$1,999.00

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Enjoy Expanded Soundstage and Imaging with Effect Audio's Distinguished Centaur Chiron 4W

  • Bespoke upgrade cable and Italian Alcantara / French goat leather carry case for a premium experience
  • Features UP-OCC Gold-plated Silver-gold alloy material
  • Introduces noticeable improvement of soundstage expansion and imaging along with a unique fine-tuning of micro-detail without harshness
  • Includes ConX® interchangeable connector full set with Pentaconn 4.4mm termination

Effect Audio Chiron 4W cable coiled around Greek ceramic statue

Versatility, Value and Performance

The Original Chiron was created with the audiophile market in mind, using top grade materials to create an impeccable blend that showcased Centurion's power and Horus' magnificence. Like an express ticket to Mount Pelion, the new Chiron 4W gives a sneaks peak into Chiron's majestic world and what it can potentially offer at a portion of the cost. Chiron 4W is the result of achieving the best of both worlds: a versatile cable with outstanding performance and value.

Chiron 4W features a UP-OCC Gold-plated Silver-gold alloy material mixed with the classic UP-OCC Gold-plated material from the Hall of Fame series, resulting in a perfect blend of voice.

Effect Audio Chiron centaur logo

A Centaur Without Savagery

Centaurs were fierce, wild beasts, seemingly unable to be tamed. This was not the case with Chiron. The most intelligent Centaur in Greek mythology, Chiron was much sought after as a tutor of heroes and known as the 'wisest and justest of all centaurs.' With his knowledge, he resided on Mount Pelion where in his cave alone, he studied and learned, much like a humble hermit whose light was hidden.

As with Chiron, tiger and rose exist within every man, and only the mightiest control the balance within. Chiron 4W’s modest and sophisticated design is featured using matte sandblasting Titanium plug casing with Carbon fibre paired with Titanium-shelled ConX® Connector.

Premium Accessories

While high-quality HiFi equipment satisfies the discerning ears, a carefully sewn storage case satisfies the high-quality lifestyle. The Chiron 4W includes a carrying case made from Italian Alcantara and French goat leather. It is hand-stitched using carefully selected high-quality nylon thread, complete with the EA classic side-opening structure. The large area of Italian Alcantara leather material can effectively cushion your cable from falling and collision. The upper and lower sides are equipped with a soft and smooth 'Sully' French goat leather.

Effect Audio Chiron leather case profile highlighting snap

Chiron also comes with the Titanium Shelled ConX® interchangeable connector set allowing for flexibility to accommodate almost any IEM. It comes standard with a Pentaconn 4.4mm termination.

Effect Audio Centurion ConX connector explosion displaying all modules


  • 26AWG, 4-Wire
  • Selected Premium UP-OCC material
  • Gold-plated Silver / Gold-plated Silver Gold alloy hybrid
  • Septuplet core bundle Litz
  • Multi-sized Stranding
  • EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
  • Superior PSquared / P-EA plug with Titanium casing
  • Titanium-shelled ConX®️ interchangeable connectors
  • Carry Case
    • Diameter: 3.46" (88mm)
    • Height: 2" (50.7mm)
    • Lanyard Length: 5.5" (140mm)
  • Effect Audio 1 Year Warranty

In the Box

  • Chiron cable
  • Leather carry case
  • ConX® interchangeable connector set (2-Pin, MMCX, Ear Connector, IPX, A2DC) with small carry case

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