What's the Best Kinera Audio IEM for Me in 2022?

What's the Best Kinera Audio IEM for Me in 2022?

Kinera Audio started out designing drivers for other brands, but soon turned their attention to using those drivers to create their own world class IEMs. They’ve earned a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and design with their hand-painted shells, and designs like the Baldr 2, which is carved from solid oak. Kinera also provides class leading packages, with quality cases and cables that feature multiple terminations across practically their whole lineup.

Kinera Idun - $119

Idun has a neutral tuning that surprises with detail and precision at a low price point. While the shells aren’t as ornate as some of the higher tier models, they have a simple understated look that matches the sound. Paired with a good DAC, Idun impresses with its highly accurate reference sound.

  • 3 Driver Hybrid: 1 DD and 2 BA
  • Neutral, reference tuning
  • Includes case, eartips, and standard 3.5mm cable

Kinera Idun

Kinera Idun Golden - $169

Idun Golden takes the basics of Idun, but sweetens things up a bit, with a more ornate paint job that matches the higher level hand painted IEMs from Kinera. Its tuning comes closer to the classic Harman neutral sound – with a slight lift in the bass into the subbass, and some added presence and clarity at the top – than a more linear true neutral tuning. The package includes a case and Kinera’s new modular termination system.

  • 3 Driver Hybrid: 1 DD and 2 BA
  • Warm neutral tuning
  • Includes case, eartips, and modular 3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm Cable

Kinera Idun Golden

Kinera Freya - $249

Freya was one of Kinera’s first models to have breakthrough success in the US. Freya has a vocal focused tuning with emphasis in the upper mids and treble, but also a mid bass bump to create a fun v-shaped sound. Freya’s package is built with a broader consumer appeal in mind, containing USB-C and Lightning dongles for Android and iOS devices, along with a 6.3mm adapter for the included 3.5mm cable. The IEM itself has Kinera’s characteristic hand-painted design.

  • 4 Driver Hybrid: 1 DD and 3 BA
  • V-shaped tuning with punchy bass and vocal emphasis
  • Includes case, eartips, 3.5.mm cable, and dongle adapters for USB-C and Lightning

Kinera Freya

Kinera Hodur - $299

Hodur takes a similar approach to Idun Golden, but adds additional midbass boost, giving it a more prominent, impactful low end. Hodur is a tribrid, using the EST drivers in the highs to add additional extension and resolution. In the end you get a darker, bassier sound with a touch of air and sparkle on top that breaks through the darkness. The build is a break from the typical Kinera hand painted resin design, and uses an aluminum shell with shiny accents that make the exterior design reflect the sound. Hodur, like most of Kinera’s IEMs, comes with a case and a modular cable.

  • 3 Driver Tribrid: 1 DD, 1 BA, 1 EST
  • Warm tuning 
  • Includes case, eartips, and modular 3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm Cable

Kinera Hodur

Kinera Norn - $509

Norn is the start of Kinera’s Imperial series, which takes the packaging, accessories, and design to the next level. Norn has somewhat of a v-shaped sound that excels with rock, metal, pop, and EDM, with a big low end, and just a touch of extra high end sizzle. The cable is 2.5mm balanced silver-plated copper, and includes 4.4mm and 3.5mm adapters. Other than the general construction stepping up with the Imperial series, things like the case and the eartip selection (containing Final E-Series, foam, and Kinera Special tips) are also a step up. 

  • 5 Driver Hybrid: 1 DD, 4 BA
  • V-shaped tuning
  • Includes leather case, large selection of eartips, and 2.5mm balanced cable with 3.5mm and 4.4mm adapters

Kinera Norn

Kinera URD - $650

URD expands on Hodur’s warm, dark sound, but adds a more lush, organic feeling to the presentation. URD accomplishes this using two dynamic drivers – one for the bass and one for the mids – and extends the highs with dual ESTs and a single balanced armature for the mids. URD has a similar hand-painted resin shell to the rest of Kinera’s lineup, and comes with the Imperial package, including a case and an upgraded version of the modular cable that Hodur and Idun Golden use.

  • 5 Driver Tribrid: 2 DD, 1 BA, 2 EST
  • Warm V-shaped tuning
  • Includes leather case, large selection of eartips, and modular 3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm Cable

Kinera Urd

Kinera Nanna 2.0 - $949

Nanna 2.0 gives you sound and performance that borders on flagship quality for under $1000. There’s a great balance across the board with strong extension on both ends of the tuning. Nanna includes a similar Imperial package to Norn, with a 4.4mm balanced cable, and adapters for 2.5mm and 3.5mm. The top hand painted shells – and a step up on the finishing process – complete the top-notch package.

  • 4 Driver Tribrid: 1 DD, 1 BA, 2 EST
  • Warm-neutral tuning
  • Includes leather case, large selection of eartips, and 4.4mm balanced cable with 2.5mm and 3.5mm adapters

Kinera Nanna 2.0

Kinera Baldr 2.0 - $1399

Baldr 2.0 continues the Imperial series and instantly wows with its unique shells – each being carved from solid oak. The driver complement is similar to Nanna 2.0, but it adds an additional 2 EST in the treble. Its sound signature is more focused on definition, resolution, and clarity, giving you a more technical sound with stronger imaging, and incredible treble, but without as much heft in the low end. Baldr 2’s package is similar to Nanna and Norn, with the big upgrade being the cable, which is a spectacular gold plated OCC copper design.

  • 7 Driver Tribrid: 1 DD, 2 BA, 4 EST
  • Neutral tuning
  • Includes leather case, large selection of eartips, and 4.4mm balanced cable with 2.5mm and 3.5mm adapters

Kinera Baldr 2.0

Which Kinera IEM is best for me?

Kinera has a number of good options for different listening preferences across various price points. If you need to keep it under $300, Idun gives you excellent performance at the price with reference sound with a more basic look, while Idun Golden gives you a bit more fun with the same level of technical performance and a more characteristic Kinera look. Freya provides the sort of intimate vocal delivery that’s perfect for vocal driven pop and acoustic music. Hodur beefs up Idun Golden’s sound with a thicker bass and a little more sparkle at the top.

Stepping up from there, Norn and Urd both have a more fun presentation, with Urd going for a thick, lush, bassy tuning, and Norn having a more energetic sound. At the top of the range Nanna has a reference sound with just a touch of warmth and smoothness, while Baldr 2 ups the treble performance and resolution for a more revealing, incisive sound. Whether you’re looking for a highly detailed, reference sound, or a warm sound with bass emphasis, Kinera provides a number of excellent options at any budget.

Driver Configuration

Sound Signature



1 DD + 2 BA



Idun Golden

1 DD + 2 BA




1 DD + 3 BA

Upper Emphasis V



1 DD + 1 BA + 1 EST




1 DD + 4 BA




2 DD + 1 BA + 2 EST

Warm V-Shape


Nanna 2.0

1 DD + 2 BA + 2 EST



Baldr 2

1 DD + 2 BA + 4 EST