1MORE Audio: Audiophile Wireless on a Budget

1MORE Audio: Audiophile Wireless on a Budget

If you listen to a lot of music, you can probably name at least one band that you think is great, but that never quite made it big. Maybe they had the sound, but not the right image, or maybe they just existed in the space between multiple genres – without committing enough to one to build a larger following. In the US market, 1MORE is kind of like the headphone brand equivalent of that band. The combination of features, sound quality, and price are excellent, but when you try to categorize them, they’re not really budget, not fully “Audiophile,” and don’t have the name recognition of major brands. Just like your favorite unknown bands, when you listen to them you think, “I’m surprised more people haven’t heard of these guys!”

1MORE Product Guide ComfoBuds Mini

Purely in terms of features, 1MORE products often beat wireless options from audiophile brands, but can’t deliver the same level of sound quality. However, 1MORE’s tuning and overall sound performance is the hands-down winner against similarly priced consumer options. This makes 1MORE a strong pick if you’re an audiophile looking for a TWS with more focus call quality and ANC performance. It also makes them a great first step from budget brands like SkullCandy or JLab into the more “music-first” design philosophy.

1MORE Distinctives

There are several distinctive elements to 1MORE’s products, both from a design philosophy and technology perspective. The first thing I noticed when I tried the 1MORE EVO was that the tuning represented a higher level of detail and accuracy than I’m used to in a TWS. 1MORE works with studio sound engineers, like Grammy Award winner Luca Bignardi, to achieve a sound that’s musical, well balanced, and presents songs in a way that’s consistent with the artist’s vision.

1MORE Product Guide EVO TWS

Along with the tuning basics, 1MORE’s QuietMax ANC tech provides strong ANC support across their product line, with transparency and other options that are configurable through their app. For customizing beyond the core tuning, the 1MORE app includes SoundID, which allows users to take a hearing test that creates a unique sound profile which you can save and use with products from other brands that use SoundID. Altogether, the features and app far exceed expectations for the price.

1MORE ComfoBuds Mini - $99

If the name tells you anything, it’s that comfort and size were a major concern in ComfoBuds Mini design. 1MORE succeeded with an in-ear TWS that’s lightweight and feels like it just disappears into your ears. While you might be able to find cheaper ANC buds out there, good luck finding ones at this price point with more robust tech – both for noise cancellation and call quality.

1MORE Product Guide ComfoBuds Mini

The sound quality also surprises for the price – the out of the box sound signature is a soft W-shape, with some midbass punch, a little sizzle up top, and more midrange clarity and detail than you’re used to getting in a TWS earphone. The end result is a well-balanced tuning and solid technical performance – even if its not quite on the same technical level as some of the best wired IEMs in this price range.

All these factors, combined with their IPX5 rating, make ComfoBuds Mini an excellent choice for working out, outdoor walks, or noisy commutes. And they’re quite durable: you won’t think twice about tossing them in your bag when you’re on the go. Audiophiles who don’t want to bring hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of IEMs and DAPs with them to the gym or on the train – or even in the office – have an excellent, inexpensive option here.

1MORE Sonoflow - $99

Sonoflow is an over-ear headphone built with the same philosophy as ComfoBud Mini. It starts with a simple, comfortable design and a well-balanced tuning, and adds key wireless features like ANC and top-notch call quality. The battery life maxes out at 70 hours of playtime with ANC off (50 hours with ANC on), and Sonoflow supports fast charging so if you forget to put them on the charger overnight, you can get 5 hours of charge in 5 minutes on your way out the door in the morning.

1MORE Product Guide SonoFlow

The sound is clean, balanced, and highly enjoyable. Sonoflow can also be used with SoundID and 1MORE’s EQ presets to dial in your perfect sound. ANC and Transparency modes can also be configured through the app. Put it all together and Sonoflow delivers a great package for $99.

1MORE EVO - $169

While ComfoBuds Mini goes all in on simplicity and convenience, EVO takes the features and tech that make ComfoBuds a standout at its price point, and puts them in a bigger shell with a 10mm dynamic driver and a single balanced armature for a very audiophile friendly design. So basically, you’re getting excellent call quality, solid ANC, and a well designed app along with a genuinely “HiFi audio” experience.

The larger size and the fact that they’re only IPX4 means that they’re not as well suited for mud runs on a rainy day as ComfoBuds Mini, but the sound quality and performance is a huge step up. In addition, EVO has more sound customization options available to further personalize your sound. The base tuning is similarly balanced to ComfoBuds Mini, but EVO presents stronger imaging characteristics along with a better sense of resolution and dynamics.

1MORE Product Guide EVO TWS

EVO is a great choice both for anyone looking to upgrade from a more basic, budget TWS to one with better sound and features, and for audiophiles who need an inexpensive wireless option that doesn’t compromise on sound or features.

The Bottom Line

If you’re tired of wireless headphones trying to get by with gimmicks or ones with a bloated – or boring – tuning, but you don’t want to drop nearly $400 on audiophile options like the FoKus Mystique or Sennheiser Momentum 4, 1MORE has a number of options that provide a combination of excellent sound quality and robust features with some of the best bang for your buck in the wireless headphone space.




Battery Life


ComfoBuds Mini


7mm DD

3 Modes

Buds: 6 hrs
Case: 18 hrs

Literally disappears into your ears, great ANC and call quality



10mm DD, BA

4 Modes + Transparency

Buds 8 hrs
Case: 20 hrs

Absolutely amazing value. Sound, features, and performance exceed <$200 expectations.



40mm Dynamic

ANC + Transparency

ANC off: 70 hrs
ANC on: 50 hrs

Excellent comfort, build quality, and features for the price