Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio
Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs-Bloom Audio

Vision Ears EXT Premium | Hybrid Universal IEMs

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Our Take
According to an old joke poking fun at different European countries, in heaven, Germans are the engineers. Companies like Vision Ears are doing their best to keep this stereotype alive with incredibly built, wonderfully engineered products like the EXT. What, perhaps, defies the stereotype is the artistry that goes into tuning the complex emotional depth that EXT provides. EXT isn’t just a fun IEM or an incredible design, it perfectly captures the intersection of engineering and art.

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Uncompromising High Fidelity

Listening to the EXT will bring you closer to the true spirit of your sound. The four electrostatic drivers create a wide open landscape of lush details that never feel exaggerated. In combination with a 9.2mm dynamic driver, with loads of power in the very low end and a 6mm driver for the mids, we were able to uncover the uncompromising beauty and greatness of your music. Exclusively featuring the 2nd generation of the Vision Ears HALC (High Precision Leveling Chamber). Finely tuning the sound of our dynamic Mids driver to highest accuracy.

Vision Ears EXT

Technical Idea

Based on the idea of the ELYSIUM to create an electrifying detailed but also warm and embracing sound, we wanted to explore what is possible. We wanted more. More lows that make you feel the rumble. More mids that vividly embrace you. And more highs to bring an airy and elated experience. The feeling of an electrostatic headphone is unparalleled and hard to achieve with a small earphone. The EXT will prove it wrong. An easy lightness surrounds this creation, airy, silk-like notes gather around your head, musical areas you never recognized will unfold before your closed eyes, a truly electrifying experience.

The design

The idea was to create a technical but elegant shell with the aesthetics of an open back headphone. The most captivating element of the EXT is the purple machined faceplate with the prominent and magnificent X design. The complex cnc machining was optimized for this project to realize the delicately shifting lines of the design. The elegant deep purple color anodization is a special VE custom color, proudly showing off the VE brand color. A vacuum metalized mesh is elegantly sparkling underneath the open structure of the X design. This special aluminium acoustic mesh is giving the dynamic drivers the air to breathe and unfold their rumbling power, while protecting the internal components from outer influences.
The shell was made of solid black acrylic in a semi-custom shape. A black transparent area is allowing you to have a discreet peek on the green HALC and the four electrostatic drivers.

The Case

The EXT design is prominently covering the finely machined aluminium case. A striking and unmistakable look, showing the remarkable design of the EXT. The machining of this case was made with extraordinary precision, to make the two parts of the case fit perfectly together. The inside walls are all covered with a rubber inlay, so that the earphone is always protected when you are on the go. A premium leather pocket holds the earphones in place, preventing them to collide during transport.

Vision Ears EXT


Ever since we founded Vision Ears, our aim was to achieve a perfect symbiosis of great sound and precise craftsmanship. Creating perfect sound is our passion – and our customers expect the highest quality. All of our products are designed and built in Cologne, Germany.

Custom made cable

The EXT comes with a premium 8 wire spc 28AWG cable with a balanced 2.5mm connector as a standard. With the all new VE Adapter you can simply change the termination from 2.5mm to 4.4mm. This premium adapter comes with a gold-plated phosphor bronze conductor and an audio grade POM insulation.

Four state-of-the-art Electrostatic drivers are powering the highs, unveiling all the micro details with a stunning easiness. The result are lively, airy highs with breathtaking purity, precision and richness. An uncompromising experience which makes you listen to your music like it’s the first time.

Sound in general
A captivating sound experience which takes you to all the secret treasures your music is holding for you. Immerse into the depths of the lowest notes, enjoy the elegantly refined middle frequencies and soar to ethereal highs. The EXT is masterfully proving that high resolution can compliment superb enjoyment. The four EST drivers give you the most extended high frequencies we ever made. All in all the EXT is a virtuoso of music, masterfully capable to perform almost every genre.

Technical Specialties

An improved HALC tuning concept was exclusively developed for the midrange driver. Additionally to the leveling chamber of the HALC we use a STC (Side Tuning Chamber) that allow the midrange to be finely tuned on the vocal range. This new generation is giving us more abilities for tuning and in the end a significant higher level of realism in the midrange.

Vision Ears EXT

The technology of electrostatic drivers is well known to high demanding audiophile people but they were yet mainly equipped in high class headphones. In the recent time this technology is gaining more and more ground with IEM´s all over the world, making the huge benefits of electrostatic drivers now portable. Due to a voltage transformer inside the earphones shell the electrostatic tweeters don´t need any external power source but only a high quality and powerful amplifier inside your DAP. The first generation of the Sonion EST drivers have been introduced to the market in 2019, now the second generation is state of the art. Due to their higher output spl and using two EST dual drivers, we were able to increase and extend the output to a whole new level.

Dynamic Drivers
Our 9.2mm for the lows and 6mm dynamic drivers for the mids are equipped with a Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) surround. This technique of making the surround allows the driver to perform with a very low THD (Total Hormonic Distortion). The Al-Mg Alloy diaphragm of these drivers are light but stiff, which makes the performance surprisingly fast, very deep and precise. A Super Strong Rare Earth N52 Neodymium Magnet, allow the driver to perform better in more demanding situations, with less distortion at any operating level. In addition, we have added to our 6mm driver a double N52 Neodymium Magnet, to decrease even more the THD and increase the SPL without increasing the size of the driver.


  • 3-way crossover
  • 1 x 9.2mm Dynamic Driver
  • 1 x 6 mm Dynamic Driver
  • 4 x Est, Electrostatic Tweeter
  • Impedance: 10Ω @ 1KHz
  • Sensitivity 1mW: 108.5 dB SPL @ 1KHz (100mV)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Odin was the best IEM things are different now

If you like extreme detail with lots of energy but not in your face you will love these IEMs. It has excellent separation plus imaging, a wide soundstage, and insanely fast drivers, nothing gets, I MEAN nothing gets muddy or staticky you can hear everything. The bass hits with impact and authority. The treble is excellent and sparkly with zero fatigue and no sibilance. Mids...... are just ear org@$!m it's the best way I can describe that. It's extremely comfortable and it sounds like you have a full set of headphones. It does a really good job of isolating outside noise. When I got my pair I end up listening to them for 7 hours and apparently, I passed out while there were on. To get the most out of your V-EXT. You have to have a good portable amp or a dongle. I paired it with the iFi-xdsd-gryphon with insane sound quality across the board. My previous IEM wasn't giving me some of the characteristics that LCD5 has. Because of that, I upgraded to Vision EXT premium and it feels very close. I am very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend it. Happy listening.

German engineering for your ear drums

Very special IEMs and close-runner ups for my favorite pair. Incredible lows, very present mids and “ethereal”, yet not exhausting highs. Highest recommendation. Demoed the Phönix’ and personally found myself preferring the EXT over them. The EXTs paired with the Eletech Ode to Laura cable is an absolute killer combination and you will be hard pressed to find a better IEM.

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