AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition | All-In-One Streamer and CD Receiver-Bloom Audio
AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition | All-In-One Streamer and CD Receiver-Bloom Audio
AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition | All-In-One Streamer and CD Receiver-Bloom Audio
AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition | All-In-One Streamer and CD Receiver-Bloom Audio
AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition | All-In-One Streamer and CD Receiver-Bloom Audio

AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition | All-In-One Streamer and CD Receiver

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AVM CS 8.3 Is Everything You Could Ever need in a streamer

  • All-in-one streamer and DAC with powerful speaker output
  • Black Edition Tube Power
  • Connect an external hard drive, listen to CDs, or connect to Spotify, Qobuz, or TIDAL for the largest collection of music in the world.

Flagship All-In-One Streaming

Using the most carefully selected components, we have created a special edition of our OVATION CS 8.3 All-In-One player (which will also remain available) that exceeds the highest demands in terms of sound. The OVATION CS 8.3 Black Edition is equipped with a special grade of tubes, reserved for this model and elevates the Ovation tube stage in our flagship All-In-One CS to the next level.

Visually, the high-performance version of the CS 8.3 also stands out clearly from the normal version, (which will also remain available). All housing parts and controls are completely in night black finish. The lettering Black Edition on the top cover signs proudly this very special version of the CS 8.3.

The high-performance X-STREAM Engine® is designed to deal with practically all digital signals received. The hand-picked D/A converters selected for this edition are perfectly prepared for the absolutely authentic conversion of digital signals, regardless of the digital source or the built-in Pure CD drive. A true All-In-One player compactly housed in a single, solid aluminum Ovation Line cabinet. That‘s why we call our creation short and sweet: CS (Compact with Streaming).

After digital / analog (DA) conversion, all digital music signals are transferred to the AVM-designed tube line stage. In the Black Edition, we equip this tube stage with a tube modified for this edition and mark these precisely selected tubes with a Black Edition label. The special amplification circuit is based on our decades of experience. This circuit, designed and refined over several product generations, is extremely faithful to the sound and allows for unadulterated musical enjoyment, as the tubes, which were specially made for us, are operated gently, thus allowing for decades of undisturbed operation. We estimate a life expectancy of the tubes of over 20.000 hours.

In terms of sound, the CS 8.3 impresses with the musical charm of the fully balanced double quad DA converters. For this ESS SABRE 9018 Reference DAC, we only use the best 2% of the D/A converters already delivered to us pre-selected. In order to be able to drive these D/A converters to maximum performance, we apply additionally temperature- stabilized high-precision clocks in the Black Edition . The DACs are powered by a double regulated separate power supply, also highly refined in the Black Edition.These circuits are also channel-separated on their own circuit boards and thus enable absolutely perfect channel separation.

This additional efforts improve the signal-to-noise ratio considerably compared to the already outstanding CS 8.3 standard version. In addition, these converters can also process DSD128 (5.6MHz) signals. The up-sam- pling electronics allow adjustable sampling rates on the SPDIF inputs (44.1-192kHz) and enable the selection between two filter characteristics (smooth / steep). In this process, the clock of the digital signals is completely regenerated and, due to this effort, jitter is effectively and practically completely eliminated. In addition, the CS 8.3 can also down-sample; this function is important for playlists with different sampling rates and formats from different sources. The signal routing of the digital signals is consistently impedance controlled. The USB input is XMOS-based, galvanically isolated and always works asynchronously. Without driver up to 96kHz, with suitable driver up to 384 kHz and with DSD 128.

As a matter of principle, we only use 4-layer circuit boards with black coating in the OVATION CS 8.3, the inner layers of which serve as power supply and house the ground lines. The entire signal path is completely DC- coupled. Three low-noise switching power supplies provide separate power for analogue + and – (including so-called low-drop-out controls), one power supply provides power for all digital circuits, whereby the digital audio section is regulated separately.

Not only are the individual parts of the CS 8.3 electrically separated, but on the circuit boards we also separate the circuit parts spatially and thus keep a proper distance between the digital and analog circuit parts so that they cannot influence each other. This separation can also be seen in a solid wall that extends across the entire unit. This mechanical partition effectively prevents electrical and mechanical interference, this ‚Chinese Wall‘ effectively shields the power supplies from the rest of the unit. The grounds are also separated for analogue and digital circuit parts.

The solid & perfectly processed midnight black aluminum housing is completely made in our neighboring town of Baden-Baden and is assembled without any visible screw connections. The all-black trim parts are also made in our town. Other, individual finishes are also possible for this Black Edition on request.

The Pure CD drive is supplied exclusively for AVM by the renowned manufacturer TEAC. Worldwide, only AVM is supplied with these unique drives. The special feature of this drive, which is based on a mono-focal laser, is the pure CD playback according to the so-called Red-book Standard with the signal output as SPDIF signal to the following D/A converter stages. The sound advantage of this drive is thus exclusive to AVM. The drive in the CS 8.3 is also heavily noise-insulated with thick acoustic felt mats.

The CS 8.3 is completely software-updatable. In addition, important parts of the digital circuits can be easily replaced, the complete D/A converter board and the XMOS input board are replaceable and the CS 8.3 is thus also hardware upgradeable..


  • X-STREAM Engine® for HiRes streaming incl. DSD, controllable over RC X APP
  • USB A for external hard drives (NTFS & FAT)
  • XLR line input, switchable as Hometheatre Thruput
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multiroom function: AVM RoomConneXion®
  • Headphone output 6.3mm on the frontpanel with dedicated Class-A headphone amp
  • Pure CD mechanism with Slot-in (Red-Book standard)
  • Digital signal conversion with to selection Double-Quad DAC for max. 384/32 PCM and/or DSD 128 (ESS SABRE 9018 Reference DAC)
  • Tone control and parametric loudness with bypass-function (controllable also over RC X APP)
  • Compact size: 43 cm x 13 cm x 38 cm (WHD)
  • Black Edition housing: Handbrushed aluminum black panel with Black Edition logo on the top cover and allcontrols in black
  • Streaming formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC (192/24 via LAN), WAV (192/24 über LAN), AIFF (192/24 über LAN), ALAC (96/24 via LAN)
  • Streaming Services: Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Qobuz, TIDAL Connect, HighResAudio, ROON ready, Webradio
  • RC 3 remote control optionally available, enables control of basic functions
  • 2 variable outputs (balanced and unbalanced)
  • Digital inputs: 1 x USB (asynchronously galvanically isolated, DSD128/384 kHz), 1 x S/PDIF coaxial, 2 x S/PDIF optical, 1 x AES/EBU)
  • Digital outputs (S/PDIF coaxial & S/PDIF optical)
  • Upsampling rate adjustable from 44.1kHz/16bit to 192kHz/24bit
  • Switchable digital filters (smooth/sharp)
  • Low-diffusion power supplies, separate for CD-drive and audio electronics


  • CD Drive: TEAC Pure CD Drive
  • Analog Inputs: 2 x RCA
  • Analog Outputs: 1 x Line/Fix Out RCA, 1 x Pre/Var Out RCA
  • Digital Inputs: 1 x S/PDIF Coax, 1 x S/PDIF Optical, 1 x USB A (Stick/HDD)
  • Digital Outputs: 1 x S/PDIF Coax, 1 x S/PDIF Optical
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth (5.0 Standard)
  • Phono Input: 1 x MM / MC RCA
  • Music Streaming: AirPlay, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, HIGHRESAUDIO / QOBUZ / TIDAL Connect (HiRes Quality), UPnP
  • Radio: Webradio via Airable Internet Radio Station Database (automatic updates)
  • Network:
    • Ethernet Hot Plugging ability (100Mbps), Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) 2.4/5GHz, WPS,
    • Ethernet Hot Plugging fähig (100Mbps), Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) 2.4/5GHz, WPS
  • Tone Control: Balance, Bass, Treble, scalable Loudness
  • Output Power: 2 x 140 W [4Ω]
  • Headphone Output: 3,5 mm
  • Speaker Outputs: 1 Pair
  • Included Remote Control: RC X App for iOS & Android
  • Optional Remote Controls: RC 9 RF/IR Remote Control with color display (programmable)

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