Momentum or Accentum: What's the Best Sennheiser Wireless Headphone for Me?

Momentum or Accentum: What's the Best Sennheiser Wireless Headphone for Me?

While they’re still most famous for headphones like the HD600 and HD800, Sennheiser’s wireless offerings in the Momentum and Accentum Series, have continued to win fans with their combination of sound quality that draws on Sennheiser’s legacy of excellent headphones, and features that rival the top consumer tech headphones on the market. With four options currently on the market, between $179 and $379, what’s the best option for you?

Momentum & Accentum

Sennheiser’s current HiFi wireless lineup is divided into two lines: Momentum and Accentum. Momentum is Sennheiser’s flagship wireless headphone lines and features the brand’s best, most advanced wireless options. Currently the Momentum 4 and Momentum 4 TWS are the best Sennheiser has to offer from wireless over-ear headphones and TWS. Accentum offers more budget friendly options with similar features and quality.

Sennheiser Momentum and Accentum Guide

Accentum - $179.95

Accentum launched at $179.95 and brings a scaled down version of Momentum 4’s features and design at a more affordable price. Accentum has a bass boosted neutral tuning, and good overall sound quality for the price. The ANC and Transparency works well, but is best for blocking out low background noise in an environment like an office, and can come up short in the louder environments that commuters might encounter on a train. The 50 hour battery life is a really strong selling point, letting you get away for a weekend or short vacation without any worries of needing to charge your headphones while you’re away. Like all of Sennheiser’s wireless headphones, you can use the Smart Control App on your phone or tablet to create EQ presets and manage the ANC and Transparency levels.

Sennheiser Momentum and Accentum Guide

Accentum Plus - $229.95

Accentum Plus followed up on Accentum with a feature set that split the difference between Accentum and Momentum 4. The core sound remains the same as Accentum and features like the 50 hour battery life remain, but the ANC performance is improved and it adds support for aptX Adaptive which offers more consistent quality and lower latency than aptX HD, which is the best codec that Accentum supports. Accentum Plus also uses touch controls on the sides of the earcups instead of fixed buttons to provide a wide range of touch features on demand.

Sennheiser Momentum and Accentum Guide

Momentum 4 TWS - $299

Momentum 4 TWS is the latest in Sennheiser’s line of wireless in-ears. Under the hood, Momentum 4 TWS is one of the most advanced earphones on the market, with features like Bluetooth 5.4, and further enhancements to the ANC capabilities. The sound remains faithful to the brand’s reference sound, but you can use the app to tweak them any number of ways. Possibly more than any of the other headphones in the Accentum and Momentum lineups, Momentum 4 TWS excels in both offering excellent detail and technical performance in the sound, and in providing the best internal technology, connectivity, and call quality.

Sennheiser Momentum and Accentum Guide

Momentum 4 - $379

Momentum 4 is Sennheiser’s flagship wireless headphone, combining improved build and comfort with sound performance that’s a noticeable step up from the Accentum series. Basically, take the best of everything from Accentum and Accentum Plus – long battery life, good sound performance, ANC – and turn them up a notch and you get Momentum 4. 

Sennheiser Momentum and Accentum Guide

Choosing your wireless headphones

Basically, if you’re looking for headphones with a great feature set, long battery life, and great sound, Sennheiser provides options in a couple different form factors and a range of prices. The original Accentum offers the most sonic bang for your buck, but if you need stronger ANC or a step up in latency and general performance, Accentum Plus still provides a solid value. For wireless earphones with great sound and the absolute latest in cutting edge tech, Momentum 4 TWS delivers the goods. And at the top of the line, the over-ear Momentum 4 provides the best in sound quality, battery life, and performance in the Sennheiser’s wireless lineup.


Battery Life


The Bottom Line



50 hours

Bluetooth 5.2: SBC, AAC, aptX HD, mSBC, CVSD

Great bang for your buck, and solid all-around performance for the price.

Accentum Plus


50 hours

Bluetooth 5.2: SBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive, mSBC, CVSD

Enhances the ANC, features, and connectivity of Accentum, while remaining a good value.

Momentum 4 TWS


7.5 + 30 hours

Bluetooth 5.4: SBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive/Lossless, LC3

Some of the best tech available in a TWS. Classic Sennheiser sound.

Momentum 4


60 hours

Bluetooth 5.2: SBC, AAC, aptX Adaptive, mSBC, CVSD

All the tech and features of Accentum taken to the next level with improved sound and comfort.