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The brand new flagship from iBasso, DX300 High-res player with dual system controllers and dual power batteries.

FPGA Master Technology

In DX300, we adopted an in-house developed FPGA-Master technology for the first time. The FPGA-Master, as the audio main control system, directly requests audio data from the SoC, and plays a major role in signal reproduction and maintaining signal integrity. It synchronizes and generates all audio clocks at the same time using two Accusilcon femtosecond crystas.  The FPGA and oscillators also reduce jitter to an extremely low level building a clean digital audio system.

iBasso DX300-6

14-Nano 8 Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Processor

The DX300 is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 660 processor as the SoC. With the powerful performance of its 14-Nanometer 8 core processor, there is currently no SoC in the field of digital audio players that can beat it! With 6G of RAM there is ample memory for a smooth and consistent response and the of 128G internal storage space allows for the convenience of downloading more apps and music.

iBasso DX300-2

Patented Dual Battery Supplies Architecture

The power supply is the most important component in a DAP, and it is the decisive factor for sound quality. SOC, DAC, AMP, among many others, all have strict requirements for the quality of the power supply. When only one power supply is in place, it will carry too much load, causing the potential cross-interferences between digital and analog systems. This will create extra noise and deteriorate sound quality. DX300 utilizes patented dual power supplies architecture. The AMP part and the digital part of the DAP are separately fed with independent power suppliers.

iBasso DX300-5

4 CS43198 QFC Fully-Balanced DAC Design

DX300 implemented 4 Cirrus Logic's flagship DAC chips - CS43198 QFC - to form the DAC matrix, creating a total of 8 DAC channels and a fully-balanced design. With 4 chips working in parallel, it helps to lower the possibility of deterioration from a single DAC due to its random instability, and therefore significantly improves the sound quality with respect to the density and clarify of the sound.

The Powerful Standard Modular AMP11

The standard AMP modular AMP11 is based on AMP8, and comes with all three outputs: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm. Power supply +/- 8V, enabling a constant energy supply for the AMP portion. The transistor has a max power supply of 2.7 A, enabling peak signal processing. DX300 has a max level output of 7.1Vrms, and because it benefits from the independent power supply, it outputs 1240 mW at 32 Ω.

iBasso DX300-3

6.5 inches, 2340*1180 Screen

DX300 implements a 6.5 inches ful-screen design, with very slim bezels. The resolution is a stunning 2340*1080. On the top of the screen, there is an indicator light to show the working condition of the DAP. We focus on every single detail of the device.

5th gen Mango OS + Andriod 9.0

DX300 has its own Linux-based audio dedicated system - the 5th gen Mango OS. With the help of Qualcomm 660 GPU, it functions as smoothly as Andriod systems. DX300 also has the Andriod 9.0 system, one of the best OS in any major DAPs.It allows you to install any streaming services APKs.

Bluetooth 5.0 + 5G WiFi 2x2 MIMO

DX300 has upgraded internal antennas. The 5G WiFi implements the 2x2 MIMO antennas, with 2 input and 2 output channels, enabling a massive update in signal transmission speed and volume. The DX300 also supports Bluetooth 5.0.



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