HEDD Type 05 | Powered Studio Monitor (Single Unit)-Bloom Audio

HEDD Type 05 | Powered Studio Monitor (Single Unit)

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The HEDD Type 05 is an ultra-precise sounding multitasker. Its strong sonic performance, digital connectivity, and compact size turn it into the ideal choice for mobile broadcast stations, recording- and homestudios, multi-channel-setups, and VoIP conferences. The speaker is based on a powerful 2-way-system that provides a solid fundament and a high de-gree of accuracy in the frequency range between 44Hz and 50kHz by coordinating the interplay between a newly designed 6“-woofer and an improved high-resolution Air Motion Transformer (HEDD AMT). The Type 05 is, like all of the Series ONE studio monitors, equipped with our HEDD Bridge, a modular input-card system. Besides standard analog XLR and RCA connections, the speaker features a free card slot that we have specifi cally designed to read AES3/EBU, USB2, and even Audio-over-IP (AES67 / Dante & Ravenna) modules.

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