Testing... Is This Thing On?

Sup fam. It's your boy, Andrew DiMarcangelo, owner of Bloom Audio. Dropping a note here to say that finally, 9 months after launch, we're actually going to start posting some useful content here.

Lotta great stuff planned...news, reviews, videos, and guides. Tomorrow, we are going to start with our first entry in a series of "Audiophile 101" articles. My plan is for Bloom to not just be a great store, but also for us to offer an extensive library of helpful, original content. 

For those of you who have been subscribed to our newsletter for a while now, you've noticed that many of my weekly update emails have essentially been blog posts. So I'm going to start doing those posts here on the site, and then include them in the weekly email. Wanna get an idea of what those past updates have been like? You can view some of our old emails here.

For catharsis, I also upload the occasional video on YouTube. The production quality is amateurish as heck, but it gives me a way to share my impressions on audio stuff that I'm particularly excited about. These videos are usually "stream of consciousness" type stuff...all I really have time for at the moment. If you wanna watch real reviews, definitely check out videos by my pal Metal571. He is one of a handful of truly great high end personal audio YouTubers out there. 

I'm pumped for the future of Bloom Audio and I'm sincerely grateful to each and every one of our customers. Your support, enthusiasm, and love for music and great sound are what keep me going. If you ever want to chat with me directly, my email address is andrew@bloomaudio.com